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New Report Reveals IT and Cybersecurity Leaders Are Not Confident In Their Organizations’ Ability To Protect Data In The Cloud


Digital Guardian Commissioned ESG Research Finds 50% of Surveyed North American Enterprises Claim to Have Lost Sensitive Data in the Public Cloud

WALTHAM, Mass. – February 06, 2019 – Digital Guardian today announced the release of Trends in Cloud Data Security: The Data Perimeter of Hybrid Clouds1, research conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to examine data retention challenges encountered by organizations with hybrid cloud infrastructures. The research, commissioned by Digital Guardian and other technology vendors, revealed that organizations are shifting data to public clouds before they’re able to secure it, and that 50% of survey respondents know their organizations have lost public cloud-resident data.

Hybrid cloud infrastructures present unique data challenges because multiple users are simultaneously accessing several environments from different geographical locations. To examine trends in data security priorities created by these challenges, ESG surveyed 392 IT and cybersecurity professionals at organizations in North America across a range of industries, including manufacturing, financial services and healthcare, among others.

Additional key findings of the survey include:

  • 75% of respondents believe that more than 20% of their organization’s sensitive data stored in public cloud services is insufficiently secured;
  • Of those organizations who experienced, or suspect they have experienced loss of public cloud-resident data,
  • 33% said data loss was caused by employees uploading sensitive data to IT-led cloud services;
  • 26% cited data loss due to theft from attackers masquerading as employees with stolen credentials;
  • 83% of respondents plan on increasing data security spend in the next 12 months;
  • 33% of respondents have procured and employed, or plan on procuring and employing in the next 12 months, data loss prevention, data discovery, and data classification tools, as a direct result of public cloud services usage

“Our research shows an increasing amount of sensitive data is shifting to public clouds, and that a large amount of sensitive data is insufficiently secured,” said Doug Cahill, ESG Group Senior Analyst and Group Director. “There are a variety of contributing factors to this, including improper data classification and lack of visibility related to data movement between network perimeters, and cloud services. The good news is that IT and cybersecurity leaders know they must make investments in data loss detection, prevention, and response, and most organizations expect to increase their spending over the next 12 months to obtain these solutions.”

The Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform integrates Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) technology to protect sensitive data from all threats regardless of whether they originate inside or outside the organization. Digital Guardian’s technology enables organizations to adopt public cloud services with confidence by maintaining the visibility and control needed to protect what’s important and support compliance for data assets moving throughout hybrid cloud environments.

In addition, Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection can assist with data loss in the cloud. Via direct API integration Digital Guardian can discover, classify and protect data in cloud storage applications like Accellion, Box, Citrix ShareFile, Egnyte, and Microsoft Office 365. Additionally Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection can integrate with leading cloud storage providers like CipherCloud and Netskope to scan a broader set of cloud apps, enable encryption, removal, or other automated remediation of sensitive data before it is loaded to the cloud. Data that is already stored in the cloud can be scanned and audited at any time.

To download Trends in Cloud Data Security: The Data Perimeter of Hybrid Clouds, visit here:

To learn more about Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection, read the data sheet here.

1 Source: ESG Research Survey: Trends in Cloud Data Security: The Data Perimeter of Hybrid Clouds, January 2019.

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