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Could you pass a security audit? Take our security audit readiness assessment to find out

by Nate Lord on Friday October 14, 2016

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Test your level of preparedness for a security audit with this interactive assessment.

As cyber attacks and data breaches continue to impact leading companies across virtually every industry, many are feeling increased pressure from third parties to demonstrate that they meet an adequate level of security. This pressure often comes in the form of security audits, with banks, investors, and business partners up and down the supply chain requiring that companies complete a third party security audit prior to doing business. Of course, companies that cannot demonstrate adequate security run the risk of losing investment and business opportunities.

Is your company ready to pass a security audit? We've created this interactive assessment to help you gauge your ability to demonstrate security posture and address any gaps that could be exposed in an actual security audit. Take the 14-question assessment now and get a free security audit checklist to further guide your efforts in getting audit-ready!

Take the security audit readiness assessment now:

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