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The Digital Guardian Blog's Best of 2014

by Nate Lord on Tuesday August 11, 2020

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With the new year in full swing, we take a look back at our favorite blog posts from 2014.

Happy new year all! From the Sony hack to a seemingly nonstop cadence of major retail and financial breaches, there’s no question that 2014 will be a year to remember for information security – some are already dubbing it “the year of the hack.” To recap this past year, we compiled the top 10 posts from the Digital Guardian Blog in 2014. Enjoy!

Our Top 10 Posts of 2014:

1. An Expert Guide to Securing Sensitive Data: 34 Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Data Security
Last year proved that while data security can be a challenge, it is also an absolute necessity for modern enterprises. This post provides data security tips from a panel of experts from across the infosec industry.

2. Introducing the 2014 Security Change Agents
In October we unveiled the 2014 Security Change Agents – a list of those who have driven change in the information security industry, selected by a diverse group of renowned security thought leaders.

3. 27 Data Security Experts Reveal the #1 Information Security Issue Most Companies Face with Cloud Computing and Storage
Cloud adoption continued to soar in 2014, so we asked a diverse group of data security experts to weigh in on cloud security risks and provide tips on how to avoid common cloud security issues.

4. The Top 50 InfoSec Blogs You Should Be Reading
Our collection of the top 50 infosec blogs to follow, ranging from the popular “must-haves” to some hidden gems that you’ll be glad you discovered.

5. Information Security IndustryScape
Fresh off of National Cyber Security Awareness Month we created this handy “IndustryScape” infographic to help keep track of who’s who in the security zoo.

6. Digital Guardian Acquires Armor5
Digital Guardian made waves in October with the announcement that we had acquired Armor5, a cloud-based startup from San Francisco that provides secure cloud access solutions.

7. Industry Spies Do Mess With Texas
In this post Security Ledger’s Paul Roberts digs into a new issue impacting fracking companies in Texas: industrial espionage targeting oil production trade secrets.

8. Startups & Data Breaches: How a Startup Can Protect Itself From a Data Breach in 2014 & Beyond
Data breaches didn’t just affect enterprises in 2014 – many startups fell victim to breaches and targeted attacks last year as well. This post provides expert advice on how startups can protect their data in today’s cyber world.

9. Verdasys is Now Digital Guardian!
2014 was a year of change for the whole industry, and we had our fair share of change too – particularly when we changed our company name from Verdasys to Digital Guardian.

10. The CISO’s Guide to Data Loss Prevention: DLP Strategy Tips, Quick Wins, and Myths to Avoid
In this post Mike Pittenger offers an information-packed guide to help CISO’s protect sensitive data.

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