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Friday Five: 11/6 Edition

by Susan Xu on Friday November 6, 2015

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Your weekly roundup of information security news.

Happy Friday! Close out the work week with our picks for the hottest articles from the IT and security presses:

  1. "Google Drive phishing scam returns" by Clare Hopping
    Last year, there was a notable security hole in Google Drive – and Google fixed it; or so we thought. Apparently, despite the claim, Google Drive is still being used to carry out phishing scams. This year’s strategies just seem more sophisticated. To learn more about the return of the Google Drive phishing scam, read this article.
  2. "Android Malware Poses As Microsoft Word Document by Tom Jowitt
    Another heads up for Android users: a new malware threat targeting the mobile operating system has been discovered. The malware has been known to disguise itself as Microsoft Word, which tricks users into clicking the file due to the familiar icon. The malware then scans users’ personally identifiable information, including text messages, contact information, etc. To learn more about this new Android threat, read this article.
  3. "CryptoWall 4.0 A Stealthier, More Sweet-Talking Ransomware" by Sara Peters
    CryptoWall 4.0 has just been released - it now not only encrypts your files, but also your filenames; making it twice as confusing for victims. CryptoWall 4.0 surfaced not long ago, and CryptoWall 3.0 came out in January - to learn more, read our blog post on CryptoWall 3.0 here.
  4. "Chimera crypto-ransomware is hitting German companies" by Zeljka Zorz
    German companies have recently been targeted by yet another new piece of crypto-ransomware named Chimera; more file encrypting ransomware in the vein of CryptoWall or CryptoLocker. The ransomware is being delivered via phishing emails targeting hiring employers as well as candidates who are job searching. To learn more about Chimera and the threats it poses, read this article.
  5. "2015 worst year in history for Mac malware" by Rene Millman
    Apple’s market share is rapidly growing, and so is the amount of Mac malware incidents. As Apple products become more and more popular each year, the surface for potential malware attacks has also gotten bigger. To learn more about how 2015 was the worst year in history for Mac malware, read this article.

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