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Friday Five: 5/6 Edition

by Ellen Zhang on Tuesday September 15, 2020

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It’s Friday! Catch up on the top infosec headlines with our weekly news roundup.

1. Exclusive: Big Data Breaches Found at Major Email Services - Expert by Eric Auchard

Over 272 million email account credentials have been stolen, and the hacker was only asking for less than $1 for the entire set of data. The data stolen is from users of, Russia's most popular email service, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other smaller email providers. This has now become one of the biggest data breaches and with so many email users exposed, increases the risk of financial theft and reputational damage. Read the full article for more information on the breach.

2. Fraudsters Steal Tax, Salary Data by Brian Krebs

ADP, which provides bankroll, tax and benefits administration for over half a million companies, has been targeted by identity thieves, who used stolen account information to gain access to employee W-2 data. Using this data, these thieves can fraudulently request tax refunds from the IRS. Identity thieves were able to gain access to account information via a weakness in an external online portal ADP offers. The problem stemmed from customers, such as U.S. Bank, who deferred the signup process for their employees and also published the custom, company-specific link and static code online. Read the full article for more info.

3. 10-Year-Old Gets $10,000 Bounty for Finding Instagram Vulnerability by Andrii Degeler

A 10-year-old Finnish kid, Jani, is now the youngest person to win $10,000 through Facebook's bug bounty program. Previously, the youngest recipient of a Facebook bounty was 13 years old. Jani, who has been interested in programming and video games since he was eight, found a vulnerability on Instagram that allows anybody to delete comments by planting malicious code into the app. With the money, Jani plans to buy a new bike. Kids like Jani that have discovered their passion for technology will help continue to change the landscape. As Dennis Fisher of On The Wire states, "Identifying and encouraging the curiosity and passion of the next generation of researchers and hackers is our best bet for beginning to turn the tide." Read the full article for more information.

4. Building the Case for Law Firm Data Security (Infographic) by Digital Guardian

With the rise in major law firm data breaches (like Panama Papers), we've released our latest infographic detailing the timeline of those data breaches. Take a look back on some of the high profile incidents over the past eight years and get some tips and tricks on how law firms can improve their data protection capabilities. Check out the infographic on one of our latest blog posts.

5. FBI Ransomware Warning Crucial for Healthcare Cybersecurity by Elizabeth Snell

The FBI has published a blog post warning of the increased threat of ransomware. Ransomware has not only become more prolific but also more sophisticated and is plaguing many businesses across several industries, including healthcare. The FBI does not recommend paying the ransom as there's no guarantee the cyber criminals would give access again and urges more employee awareness and "robust technical protection tools". With even the FBI issuing this warning, in addition to the recent hits at Californian medical centers, the healthcare industry cannot ignore the growing problem of ransomware. Read the full article for more information on the FBI's warning.

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