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Friday Five: 6/26 Edition (Updated 2020)

by Brandon Vasciannie on Wednesday August 11, 2021

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Your weekly roundup of information security news.

It’s Friday! Close out the work week with our picks for the hottest articles from the IT and security presses:

  1. How to 'unsend' a sent email from your Gmail account” by Lance Whitney
    We’ve all been there. You send out an email and then immediately after you realize it was sent to the wrong person or was not meant to be sent at all. Now thanks to Gmail you can correct this mistake with its new “unsend” feature. To find out how to use this new feature, check out this article.
  2. “Pita bread helps researchers steal encryption keys” by Lee Munson
    Bread has been found to have more uses than just sandwiches. Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered a way to steal encryption keys using an inexpensive radio sniffer that is small enough to conceal within a piece of pita bread. Get a glimpse of what this device looks like as well as how it works by reading this article.
  3. Privacy group seeks to block Uber data collection changes” by Natasha Singer and Mike Isaac
    Uber, the ride sharing app that has disrupted the taxi industry, has announced its plan to change its privacy policy. In an effort to promote and further improve their services, Uber plans to implement a new privacy policy that would allow them to collect more information about their customers. This new policy is facing opposition by a leading privacy rights group that is pressing the Federal Trade Commission to prohibit Uber from moving forward with the changes. For more, give this article a read.
  4. Hundreds of .Gov Credentials Found in Public Hacker Dumps” by Andy Greenberg
    Government employees have been known to use their .gov email addresses to sign up for personal accounts. This habit can backfire  when hackers breach these third party services and steal their email addresses and passwords. From there, hackers can use phishing attacks and other social engineering methods to gain access to government networks. Check out this article to find out more about this problem.
  5. Phishing Scam Duping Travelers” by Chris Brook, who lists postings from 435,000 hotels in more than 60 countries, has revealed that an undisclosed number of their users have been exposed to a phishing attack. Many victims of this attack disclosed their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and travel bookings. Find out more about this phishing scam by reading this article.

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