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Friday Five: 8/28 Edition

by Susan Xu on Monday September 28, 2015

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Your weekly roundup of information security news.

Happy Friday! Close out the work week with our picks for the hottest articles from the IT and security presses:

  1. "Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site" by Annalee Newitz
    The Ashley Madison hack continues to make waves in the cybersecurity industry as more company and user data surfaces each day. Here’s the latest kicker for the site: almost none of the women in the Ashley Madison database have ever used the website. 90-95% of the female profiles were determined to be fake. To learn more about this find, read this article – and follow our continuously updated Ashley Madison hack timeline to stay up to date with the story.
  2. "Target Says SEC Won’t Pursue Enforcement Action as a Result of Data Breach by Dennis Fisher
    The Target data breach, one of the biggest data breaches of all time, has affected more than 100 million people. In 2013, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) began investigating the data breach, and just recently, officials from Target have announced that the SEC will not punish Target for the breach. To learn more about the SEC’s decision on the Target data breach, read this article.
  3. "FBI: $1.2B Lost to Business Email Scams" by Brian Krebs
    Business Email Scams, also known as “CEO fraud,” are a common type of scam that have become an increasingly popular tactic for defrauding companies. Comparing figures from 2013-2014 with the FBI’s figures for 2015, Brian Krebs estimates that there has been a 270 percent increase in business losses and victims of the scam. According to the FBI, nearly $750 million dollars have been stolen from U.S. companies between October 2013 and August 2015. To learn more about the significant spike in dollar losses due to business email scams in the US, read this article.
  4. "More than 80% of healthcare IT leaders say their systems have been compromised" by Lucas Mearian
    2015 has been full of cybersecurity attacks, and healthcare organizations have been huge victims – eighty-one percent of healthcare executives say their organizations have been breached at least once by malicious attacks. A KPMG Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey was conducted for IT executives at healthcare organizations and sixty-six percent of them have said that they needed to prepare for potential attacks. To learn more about this statistic, read this article.
  5. "Tor security concerns prompt largest dark market to suspend operations" by Lucian Constantin
    Tor network’s biggest black marketplace, Agora, is temporarily down due to the concerns of the administrators regarding the website’s tendency to expose Tor’s Hidden Services. To learn more about Tor’s security concerns, read this article.

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