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The Top Five MUST SEE Sessions at the 2016 Gartner Security & Risk Summit

by Greg Funaro on Monday April 4, 2022

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With Gartner’s Summit just a week away, here are the top five sessions on my agenda.

The 2016 Gartner Security & Risk Summit kicks off on June 13 in National Harbor, Maryland and runs through June 16 – with more than 400 sessions, including analyst presentations, panels, sponsored sessions and roundtables, choosing the right sessions to attend can be difficult. I’ve compiled my agenda in lieu of the upcoming event and am quite excited for the following five sessions:

Security 2020 — The Future of Cybersecurity

Mon, 13 Jun 2016 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Gartner Research Director Rob McMillan is presenting the future of “digital business and how it’s changing the way that IT is planned, delivered and managed. Cybersecurity will change as pressures from the cloud, IT/ OT convergence and IoT become more intense.” Rob will present the intersecting forces that will drive IT security strategy through 2020. This will be a great way to kick off the conference as it sets the stage with the “big picture” and future forecasts in cybersecurity while tying those trends to today’s issues and technologies.

Industry Breakfast: Healthcare: The New Threat Landscape in Healthcare

Tue, 14 Jun 2016 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

This topic definitely needs to be addressed as hospitals’ antiquated technologies continue to be targeted by cybercriminals, especially by ransomware attacks. This session will feature healthcare security experts who will share their perspectives on the changing threat landscape in the healthcare industry. Topics that will be covered include “Why healthcare companies are being targeted, what the attackers are after and how they're getting it. The panel will also discuss how to think differently about security risks to have a better chance at defending your organization.” I’m excited to see what trends and issues the cybersecurity experts point to while outlining how to handle these challenges.

Information-Centric Mobile Security: Your Data Can Move Without Leaking

Tue, 14 Jun 2016 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

VP and Distinguished Analyst John Girard will be presenting new ways to protect data on mobile devices. This session will be intriguing as John will be showing new outcomes and mitigation methods that outline the value of information-centric mobile security – a new way to secure data in today’s mobile era. There is no arguing that traditional security methods for protecting mobile data from flowing to disparate sources has been a constant headache for security practitioners, and I’m looking forward to seeing John outline his mitigation methods.

To the Point: Controlling Applications with Malware Protection, and the User, in Mind

Wed, 15 Jun 2016 4:15 PM - 4:45 PM

Research VP Mario de Boer will be presenting different solutions that can protect against sophisticated malware attacks including app whitelisting, privilege management and containerization. While all these technologies can be viewed as niche solutions or add-ons to existing security solutions I think the time is coming where they step to the forefront of prevention, especially when it comes to fixed function devices such as ATMs, POS systems and ICS systems. Mario will cover the impact of these solutions on various users and IT operations, which will be interesting to see as this technology continues to emerge.

Protecting Trade Secrets & Secret Trades: The New England Patriots’ DLP Program

Thu, 16 Jun 2016 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

I am incredibly excited to see The Kraft Group’s Director of IT Operations Scott Harrington present their DLP strategy and program. The Kraft Group, which includes the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution and Rand-Whitney Paper among their family of businesses, chose to partner with Digital Guardian in 2005 to plan and implement a meaningful data protection program. The program was launched solely to protect the New England Patriots’ sensitive data, but over time it extended to the additional business units within the Kraft Group. This is a great presentation to see firsthand how a company lays out a scalable data loss prevention program that protects both regulatory requirements as well as intellectual property across a diverse number of business units, each with their own customized needs and use-cases.

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