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Digital Guardian Receives High Marks in KLAS Research’s 2017 Data Loss Prevention Report for Healthcare

by Greg Funaro on Wednesday December 20, 2017

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Digital Guardian has been recognized as the best vendor when it comes to accurately identifying protected health data (PHI).

We are pleased to be included in KLAS’ inaugural Data Loss Prevention Report 2017 and even more honored to be named the best vendor for accurately identifying protected health data.

The report, the first by KLAS to take a close look at how essential DLP is to the healthcare industry, was released today and you can get your complimentary copy here.

KLAS’ Data Loss Prevention Report 2017 follows up on a separate report issued by the analyst firm in February, the Cybersecurity 2017 Report, which stressed how cybersecurity has become more crucial for healthcare providers. One-fifth of healthcare organizations said in the report that DLP solutions provide the biggest security benefit to their organization.

The need for DLP should come as no surprise given the rapidly rising number of healthcare data breaches. In Q3 2017 alone, there were 99 breaches reported to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) bringing the 2017 YTD total up to 272 incidents resulting in 4,601,097 Americans having their protected health information (PHI) exposed or stolen.  The causes range from outside attacks leveraging ransomware to well-meaning healthcare professionals not following basic PHI protection policies, both of which can be defended against with data loss prevention software. 

Here’s a look at how the vendors stacked up for accurately identifying PHI:




According to the report Digital Guardian helps “trim out false positives by having a high level of customization for rules and robust fingerprinting capabilities, which allows providers to pinpoint PHI at a very precise level.”

Digital Guardian excelled by the numbers as well. On a 1-5 scale, when it comes to accurately identifying PHI, Digital Guardian scored a 4.7 - the highest among listed vendors.



In addition to the research findings, KLAS also allows respondents to provide additional commentary about their experience with their DLP solution. Here are a few highlights from Digital Guardian customers:

1. “Digital Guardian DLP is strong in accurately identifying PHI. It is able to pick up any part of a PHI record that turns out to be a false positive. I am glad to see that because I know, for example, when the system is picking up part of a child’s SSN, but the number is really part of a longer string that is tied to someone’s Fitbit. I am very happy that I can see that information.”

2. “Digital Guardian understands healthcare. They understand our workflows and our challenges. They are great partners with us.”

3. “Digital Guardian’s solution is really easy to use. We are getting much better results with them than we were getting from our previous vendor. Digital Guardian’s team understands what we are trying to do, and they have been great to work with when it comes to tweaking the tool.”

Read the report now to learn more about Digital Guardian and how KLAS measures DLP.

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