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Digital Guardian Adds Functionality to Data Protection Suite

by Bill Bradley on Thursday October 13, 2016

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Digital Guardian is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our industry leading data protection platform, adding functionality for both the management console and endpoint agent. This release further enhances Digital Guardian’s ability to protect sensitive data anywhere, anytime as the volume of sensitive data expands and the digital economy's reliance on data grows.

The network perimeter continues to erode, with more users working outside of the protection of the traditional gated firewall. Couple this with the explosion of data - in particular, sensitive data - that resides on or is accessed by devices outside of your protected environment, and you have a new data protection challenge impacting businesses across a wide range of industries. Digital Guardian offers an endpoint agent-based data protection platform (in addition to network, discovery, and cloud solutions) to address this scenario, and today we expand the reach of that protection.

Highlights of the release include the following:

Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention Enhancements:

Windows 10 Update

Windows 10: Adding to our best in class operating system support that includes Windows, OS X, and Linux, Digital Guardian now extends protection to your Windows 10 environment. Organizations are adopting Windows 10 and Microsoft is helping promote this migration with their offer for free upgrades to Windows 10 through the end of July 2016.

Office 2016: Along with the migration to Windows 10, organizations are updating their MS Office deployments to Office 2016. Digital Guardian now delivers monitoring and protection of sensitive data that lives in traditional editions of Office 2016. Applications covered include Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel.

Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox Icons

Browser Enhancements: The browser is perhaps the most widely used application on any laptop or desktop, thus can be a data loss risk through the use of a non-approved browser or via insecure extensions in a supported browser. Digital Guardian addresses both of these issues with this release by adding support to the Microsoft Edge browser and digitally signing the Digital Guardian extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Digital Guardian Management Console Enhancements:

The center of a security solution is the management console; the Digital Guardian Management Console (DGMC) is your web-based command center for our data-centric security platform, and with this release enhances your power as the security professional.

Scalability and Speed: Digital Guardian is deployed in a range of industries that demand high performance across large and complex IT environments. Internal enhancements to the DGMC have enabled significantly faster queries and directory synchronization, allowing changes on either end to more quickly propagate into policy decisions and ensuring sensitive data is protected throughout the enterprise. Finally, an upgraded version of the Autonomy content inspection engine delivers enhanced functionality.

Want to learn more or see the newest version of Digital Guardian in action? Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll show you how to start protecting your sensitive data anywhere, anytime.

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