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Getting Successful with DLP: Two Approaches for Quick DLP Wins

by Guest Contributor on Friday August 18, 2023

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While once considered a headache, deploying DLP no longer needs to be a months-long, complex process. Part 11 of our Definitive Guide to DLP series offers two approaches to getting “quick wins” when starting your DLP program.

As with any solution, security professionals invest considerable effort reading about DLP, researching potential vendors, and choosing the product that best fits their needs. Many will then rush to deploy the software as quickly as possible, but trying to initiate an overly complex rollout plan will result in stalling or failures. In order to get the most of your DLP program, you must define your initial approach and set objectives that are fast and measurable. Proper planning is the key to a quick win.

We have seen two main approaches that have worked across hundreds of successful deployments. The project approach should be used when you have a clear mandate to protect a specific set of data. When the location of sensitive data is unknown, we recommend using the data visibility approach.

The Project Approach

The objective of the project approach is to focus on a specific type of data that is known to be of concern. It requires the narrow focus of a compliance requirement or the monitoring of certain users. The data monitored is known to be sensitive and resides in identified locations with select users. The project approach should be:

  • Driven by specific compliance or IP protection project
  • Focused on:
    • Known sensitive data types and locations
    • Specific user groups
    • Enabling secure business process

The Data Visibility Approach

The objective of the data visibility approach method is to control the egress of sensitive data. Although the location and flow of the data is unknown, sensitive data can still be monitored through the DLP software. Within a short amount of time, predominant egress channels will be discovered and automated classification of sensitive data will be possible. The data visibility approach should be:

  • Driven by the enterprise’s need to learn:
    • Where sensitive data is located
    • How it flows in the organization
    • Where it is put at risk
  • Focused on:
    • Discovery and classification
    • Egress channels
    • Quick-win ROI by controlling egress first

Use Data Visibility Insights to Engage Business Leaders

How do you engage with business leaders in order to receive their support and sponsorship? Traditionally, one would start by defining all data classification schemes and policies in advance. This sort of preparation lends itself all too easily to a disastrously complicated program launch. To effectively prepare for DLP deployment, start by sharing real discoveries from your “Quick Win” about where sensitive data resides and how it’s being used. This will get the attention of your enterprise’s business leaders and will make collaboration much easier.

For more information and real-world examples on quick wins with DLP software, download our free eBook, The Definitive Guide to Data Loss Prevention – start reading now, no registration required.

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