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A Timeless Problem: Preventing USB Data Loss at Your Organization


In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, USB flash drives were a hot commodity. Back then, they were not very common, had 8MB of storage and the concept of data leaks or picking up malware from one was not considered a major threat. 

Fast forward over two decades later and not only are they faster but much, much larger often with capacities of up to 1 terabyte. What could sit on a stick of that size? Your whole 'My Documents' folder! Despite this, many companies continue to have relaxed policies around USB sticks, along with little to no technical controls in place around them.

The dangers of uncontrolled USBs include data ingress (think intellectual property and designs from rivals along with stolen music and films), data loss by egress, the spread of malware, and more. When it comes to blocking these threats, deploying a Data Loss Prevention solution can go well beyond the capabilities of GPO (Group Policy Objects) settings or antivirus; it can also offer many ways of controlling USBs with fine granularity. 

In this webinar, Graeme Batsman, Fortra’s Sr. Professional Services Consultant will share his expertise on: 

  • Dangers of uncontrolled USBs 
  • Past leak stories from the press 
  • Options to control USBs 
  • Options to encrypt data moving to USBs

And live demos of course!

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This webinar was broadcast on Tuesday, May 21, 2024