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Digital Guardian Featured in InfoWorld Digital Spotlight

by Nate Lord on Wednesday August 11, 2021

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CTO Salo Fajer Quoted in Special Report on the New Enterprise Workflow

InfoWorld just released a special report on "liquid computing" - that is, executive editor Galen Gruman's newly-coined term for computing that revolves around a personal cloud rather than a specific primary device. The report featured articles from Gruman as well as 2014 Security Change Agent contributors Paul Roberts and Fahmida Rashid.

Liquid computing adoption is clearly on the rise, and the report gives us a lot to think about. On one hand, a computing experience where all data and preferences are centralized in a way that is not bound by device has tremendous potential for end users in terms of productivity and ease of access. On the other, the personal cloud and all connected devices must be secured to prevent adding significant risk of sensitive data being exposed.

Our CTO Salo Fajer weighs in on one of the top concerns for CISOs today - securing data that frequently moves between the cloud and devices:

Companies want to be able to control and audit those movements and enforce policies around them. Who can open what and where.

There's quite a bit more from Salo in Paul Roberts' article on DRM, and the whole report offers some great insights on data protection, cloud and mobile security, and the impact of liquid computing on regulatory compliance. You can view the full report here.

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