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Digital Guardian Named Top in Threat Detection and Protection in Healthcare

by Chris Brook on Monday August 22, 2022

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For the second straight year Black Book Market Research rated Digital Guardian the highest in threat detection and prevention solutions by healthcare client survey respondents.

Digital Guardian is pleased the Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform was again rated the highest among threat detection and prevention solutions by Black Book Market Research's annual healthcare client survey.

For the second consecutive year healthcare client survey respondents ranked Digital Guardian's technology the best of 20 solutions when it comes to detecting threats and preventing cyber attacks.

Black Book Market Research annually ranks solutions across the healthcare technology and services industry via a poll that takes into account client satisfaction and loyalty scores.

This year's survey solicited the opinions of 2,464 cybersecurity system users and senior level managers from 680 provider organizations over the course of seven months, from Q3 2017 to Q2 2018.

The survey comes in an age where data breaches cost the healthcare industry roughly $6.2 billion each year according to a recent Ponemon Institute study. A separate Ponemon Institute survey from March showed that 62 percent of healthcare organizations have experienced a breach in the past 12 months and that half of those organizations reportedly experienced data loss as a result.

Blog Post

Digital Guardian Receives High Marks in KLAS Research’s 2017 Data Loss Prevention Report for Healthcare

Black Book Market Research’s survey arrives on the heels of KLAS Research naming Digital Guardian the best vendor for accurately identifying protected health information (PHI) in its Data Loss Prevention 2017 Performance Report.

In the report, issued last December, KLAS said Digital Guardian “helps to trim out false positives by having a high level of customization for rules and robust fingerprinting capabilities, which allow providers to pinpoint PHI at a very precise level.”

While Digital Guardian's data loss prevention solutions excel at protecting data across all industries, it’s especially important in the healthcare industry, where patient privacy is dependent on HIPAA compliance and securing sensitive PHI data is paramount. In addition, Digital Guardian’s Advanced Threat Protection prevents external attackers from gaining access to sensitive data and assets.

Digital Guardian allows healthcare organizations to discover and classify sensitive PHI and detect and block threats - both from risky insiders and external attackers.

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