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Episode 19: Brian Honan on How to Prepare for GDPR

by Chris Brook on Tuesday April 24, 2018

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In the latest episode of the Digital Guardian podcast, Brian Honan, CEO and Principal Consultant at BH Consulting, describes the ins and outs of GDPR, the divide between compliance and security, and more.

Welcome to Episode 19 of the Digital Guardian Podcast! On this episode our hosts Will Gragido and Chris Brook chat with with Brian Honan, CEO and Principal Consultant at BH Consulting about the intricacies of GDPR and how companies can best prepare for it, the divide between compliance and security, machine learning hype, and how the security industry needs to embrace failure as a learning opportunity. As always, you can listen and subscribe to our podcast via SoundCloud, iTunes, or Google Play to keep up with new episodes every month.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • 01:31 - Brian on his background
  • 07:22 - Brian on the gap between compliance and cybersecurity
  • 11:03 - Brian recaps his Virus Bulletin 2017 talk and the security industry’s inability to establish trust
  • 16:35 - What will the impact of GDPR be? Will it have an impact globally?
  • 28:03 - From an industry standpoint what are the softest targets today?
  • 32:49 - Will there be a movement towards money laundering utilizing cryptocurrencies?
  • 36:22 - Brian gives his thoughts on the machine learning and artificial intelligence hype machine.

Intro/outro music: "Groovy Baby" by Jason Shaw, licensed under CC BY 3.0 US

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