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February Webinar: Sensitive Data Loss is NOT Inevitable

by Serdar Buyuksakayan on Monday September 28, 2015

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Be sure not to miss tomorrow's webinar on preventing sensitive data loss where industry luminary Dan Geer of In-Q-Tel and Heidi Shey of Forrester will provide insights on how to prevent inevitable intrusions from compromising sensitive data.

Protecting sensitive data is getting harder every day. It's widely accepted that perimeter breaches are inevitable - the bad guys are getting in. There is no silver bullet and there aren't enough dollars in any IT security budget to address every vulnerability. But the loss of sensitive data from a breach is NOT inevitable for those who have a data loss prevention (DLP) program in place. DLP is a proven solution that stops the theft of sensitive data. The problem is data loss prevention is not widely deployed. Why? Put simply, DLP is hard. But just because it's hard, doesn't make it a less necessary component of your security strategy.

In this webinar, Dan and Heidi will discuss how to overcome common data loss prevention hurdles and outline a five step process for ultimate DLP success. You will also learn how to craft a data-centric DLP program and how to best valuate intellectual property (IP) in their your data protection strategy. Watch our February webinar tomorrow at 2PM ET and discover how to prevent sensitive data loss:

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