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Smart Devices: How To Secure Your Connected Family

by Chris Brook on Wednesday October 3, 2018

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To kickoff National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and help families protect their smart homes against cyber threats, we created an infographic around IoT devices, vulnerabilities, and how to best secure them.

These days the internet of things has become so ubiquitous it’s rare to encounter a device that doesn’t connect to the internet. From doorbells to microwaves, nearly everything is connected. Smart devices aren't without their own set of inherent risks however. They can come with easy to guess, out of the box passwords, be notoriously difficult to patch, and lack encryption. 2016's Mirai attack, which harnessed insecure IoT devices to bring down the internet across much of the U.S. east coast, helped illustrate the potential consequence of not taking IoT security seriously. The theme for the first week of NCSAM this year is "Make Your Home a Haven for Online Safety." When it comes to mitigating these risks, it's essential to help educate the entire household around using internet-connected devices responsibly and securely. There are ways to help safeguard your connected devices and in turn, protect the sensitive personal and family data they process every day.

To learn more about the risks associated with internet of things devices and how to address them, check out our infographic below!

Smart Devices: How To Secure Your Connected Family

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