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Friday Five: 4/24 Edition

by Brandon Vasciannie on Monday September 28, 2015

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Your Weekly Roundup of information security news.

Happy Friday! End your work week with our picks for this week’s hottest articles from the IT and security presses:

  1. House Passes Cybersecurity Bill Despite Privacy Protests” by Andy Greenberg
    Despite protests from some privacy and civil liberties organizations, a new cybersecurity bill was passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. This new bill, called the Protecting Cyber Networks Act, will improve the sharing of cybersecurity threat data between corporations and government agencies. Read this article to find out more about this new bill and why it has received criticism.
  2. The History of Data Breaches” by Nate Lord
    Data breaches have been an inevitable part of conducting business for quite some time. Today, the frequency of these breaches has raised concern for many companies and has provided them an incentive to strengthen their cybersecurity measures. In this article, Digital Guardian’s Nate Lord rewinds back to the origins of data breaches in addition to highlighting the largest data breaches on record.
  3. 6 Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques in 2015” by Ericka Chickowski
    Today concludes the highly renowned RSA Security Conference that has been taking place in San Francisco since Monday evening. On Wednesday, experts with the SANS Institute attended this conference for their annual threats panel. Give this article a read to find out what these experts deem the six most dangerous new attack techniques that will be used this year.
  4. The ticking cybersecurity risk: Managing wearable tech in the workplace” by Jeff Schmidt
    You have probably heard of Google Glass as well as the various brands of smartwatches that are taking the market as part of the wave of wearable tech devices. Like smartphones and tablets, these new wearable devices have many innovative applications, but also bring cybersecurity risks with them. To learn more about the security implications of these new devices, read this article.
  5. FBI alert: Get these motherf'king hackers off this motherf'king plane” by Shaun Nichols
    Last week security researcher Chris Roberts sent out a tweet while aboard a United Airlines flight joking about hacking the plane’s engine-indicating and crew-alerting system (EICAS). The airline didn’t find this humorous at all, as he was banned from the airline for life and was greeted by FBI agents immediately upon landing. This incident has heightened the concern over the security of planes’ new information systems to the point where the FBI and TSA have issued an alert to all airlines. For more, check out this article.

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