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Digital Guardian
Secure Service Edge (SSE)

Endpoint-to-cloud protection 
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As the workforce becomes more decentralized, with work-from-home and hybrid schedules becoming the norm, the need for cloud and SaaS applications has grown more than expected pre-pandemic.

As traditional office networks are depreciated, Security teams are required to secure access to and retain control of sensitive data for any employee using cloud apps – which essentially is everyone. At the same time there’s an expectation that any security measures will not disrupt any employees’ workflow, regardless of where they’re located or what tools they use.


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Digital Guardian Secure Service Edge enhances the security coverage of Digital Guardian from endpoint to cloud, protecting our customers’ sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, at rest, in use, or in motion.

The SSE solution integrates cloud access security broker (CASB), zero trust network access (ZTNA) and secure web gateway (SWG). These natively integrated solutions deliver complete visibility and control from endpoint to cloud. The SSE solution includes advanced data protection that enables organizations to apply consistent data security policies and controls across all their cloud apps — ensuring protection of sensitive information across every key requirement.

SSE Capabilities Table


Comprehensive Protection

Be assured data is safe wherever it goes, across devices, apps, networks and clouds.

Unified Policy Framework

Easily manage and enforce security policies across users, endpoints (managed and unmanaged), apps (sanctioned and unsanctioned) and data.

Enhanced Visibility

Have full visibility into users, cloud usage, endpoints, apps, and data, allowing you to detect and respond to threats effectively.

Granular Access Control

Implement precise controls based on real-time insights, ensuring secure access to resources.

Streamlined Management

Consolidate multiple security solutions into one platform, simplifying management and reducing complexity.

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