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Information Security IndustryScape

by Nate Lord on Thursday November 6, 2014

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We're fresh off National Cyber Security Awareness Month and chances are you heard enough security company names over the past few weeks to make your head spin. From software vendors and service providers to analysts, conferences, and organizations, the information security industry has grown into quite a large and noisy space. But don't dismay - we've created an Information Security IndustryScape to provide a snapshot view of the players in the infosec landscape today. Whether you're new to the industry or an information security veteran, we think this infographic will come in handy for staying on top of who's who in the security zoo :-).

We've tried our best to be as exhaustive as a 1200x900 pixel space will allow, but it's inevitable that in a rapidly moving industry like ours, this may not be comprehensive. Think we left someone out? Let us know in the comments! We'll continue to update this infographic periodically to keep it as current as possible.

Information Security IndustryScape Infographic

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