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Digital Guardian for MS Teams Data Protection


Secure enterprise-wide Use of MS Teams to Enable Better Business Decisions

Teams is rapidly establishing itself as a cornerstone of enterprise computing and information sharing. According to Microsoft, more than 145 million active users now rely on the business communication platform for workforce collaboration. Underscoring its skyrocketing popularity, Teams usage has increased more than sevenfold from its pre-pandemic levels of 20 million active users in November 2019. With this growth in use comes the increase in sensitive data that could be lost via risky Teams usage. As users collaborate and become more comfortable with Teams, the type of information shared may include sensitive data such as PII, PCI, or PHI. Sharing this information may be against policy and puts the organization at risk of compliance violations.

Secure Collaboration and Improve the Speed of Business

Corporate Espionage



Enhance MS Teams Visibility and Endpoint Control

Fortra™’s Digital Guardian® delivers the near real-time insights you need into all information shared via Teams. Whether one-on-one chats, group messages, channels, or meetings you can see and control what data flows through Teams. If the risk is deemed high enough, automatic remediation can remove sensitive materials to reduce your risk against insider threats and associated data loss.

Optimize MS Security Investment

Digital Guardian can read and understand Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels applied to confidential documents in Teams, expanding the capabilities of your Microsoft investment. This integration automatically responds to violations, and as MIP labels are modified, changes automatically flow to Digital Guardian policies, eliminating gaps or extra effort by security analysts.

Simplify and Expand Compliance Efforts

With visibility and control into Teams usage, compliance teams can better ensure support for the expanding data protection regulations and privacy laws including GDPR and PCI DSS. Detailed reporting of violations lets organizations create a baseline and track improvement, as well as provide external auditors the data they need.


Key Benefits

Full Visibility Into All Teams Activity 

Whether your users are engaged in direct communication with another user, posting to a channel, in a meeting, or part of a larger group discussion Digital Guardian has you covered. You get visibility and control into the chat messages and any files attached to the message to prevent data loss.

Automated Remediation 

Alerts and alarms are good, but require someone to react, often when it’s too late. Digital Guardian can automatically remediate violations and remove sensitive data before a data loss event happens. You get full tracking of the event for a post-incident analysis if needed.

Contextual Data Protection

Often a keyword used as part of normal conversation can generate a false positive. Digital Guardian lets analysts view messages prior to and after the one(s) the generated the alert to give the full context needed for a better security decision.

Simplified Compliance

Digital Guardian feeds all Teams based alerts into our Analytics & Reporting Cloud (ARC) for a single, unified view into sensitive data events throughout your entire organization. You can review how, when, and where compliance data such as PCI, PII, or PHI are moving to document compliance and track improvement.


See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.