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Moving from Forcepoint DLP?

It’s Never Been Easier.


Reduce Vendor Uncertainty. Increase Data Protection Coverage. 

With the pending sale of Forcepoint to the private equity firm Francisco Partners, Forcepoint customers may be evaluating DLP alternatives to de-risk their data protection program. If you are one of those customers, Fortra™’s Digital Guardian® has created a special offer to help you make a streamlined transition to our Enterprise Network DLP and/ or Endpoint DLP. This program can reduce your vendor risk, increase your data protection coverage, and cut your DLP overhead.

Why Choose Digital Guardian over Forcepoint?

Digital Guardian vs Forcepoint

The Time to Switch is Now 

Contact us or a certified Digital Guardian partner today to get expert guidance and a demo on switching from Forcepoint. Our Customer Success team can scope your migration and ensure a smooth transition to Digital Guardian Enterprise DLP.



Proven Migration Methodology 

Digital Guardian has transitioned both Fortune 50 and midmarket companies from Forcepoint endpoint and network DLP using our proven migration methodology.

DLP Migration Timeline



Here is an overview of the migration process for a cloud-based SaaS deployment.

Phase 1: Transition Planning. 

Your DG Customer Success team will walk you through the transition plan, milestones, and key objectives in preparation for your transition. 

Phase 2: Environment Creation. 

DG will provision its cloud hosted Digital Guardian Management Console (DGMC) and its Analytics & Reporting Cloud (ARC) tenant for your deployment. If you’re scope includes a network DLP solution, we will provision DG appliances for your environment. 

Phase 3: Qualification Pilot. 

DG will build and test agent deployment packages for each operating system in scope and work with your desktop team to verify compatibility within your environment. DG will test its script to uninstall Forcepoint and install the DG agent; typically, this will be deployed to your machines via your software deployment solutions, such as SCCM. A pilot deployment to selected test users (25-50 endpoints) will also be performed.

Phase 4: DLP Policies & Alerting-Reporting Configuration. 

Your Customer Success Representative will configure the DG DLP Policy Pack, alerts, reports, and dashboards in ARC. If custom policies are required, they will review and create those in Phase 4 as well. 

Phase 5: Production Deployment. 

A phased deployment plan will be executed on your production machines, replacing your existing Forcepoint DLP solution with Digital Guardian and minimizing downtime during the transition. DG will closely monitor your deployment for any issues and validate correct functioning of alerting/reporting mechanisms. Our team will support Forcepoint workflow integrations as part of the customized migration program (extra charges may apply). DG will work with your team to ensure that support processes and knowledge transfer are complete before you adopt the solution.

See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.