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Secure Sensitive Board Communications with Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration

BPs and VDRs provide basic features for secure access and collaboration. More specifically, VDRs are used to facilitate the due diligence process during M&A transactions, loan syndications, or private equity and venture capital transactions — financial transactions that require the exchange of hundreds, or thousands, of documents. 

However, these tools are not without significant challenges. 

This brief explores the use cases and required capabilities of board portals and virtual data rooms, the challenges that organizations face with these tools, and Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration to protect board books and other company documents in collaborative environments with strict security requirements. 

  • The specific limitations of board portals and virtual data rooms in securing sensitive board documents 
  • How to secure confidential board books in preparation (or during) for meetings 
  • How to provide security, compliance, and defensible audit of critical board communications