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Fortra Data Protection

Interlocking solutions that protect sensitive data while keeping users productive. Our Data Protection tools can be SaaS deployed or on-prem, and we offer managed services to extend your team and reduce risk.​



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Data Protection


Data Loss Prevention

Fortra’s Digital Guardian deploys and starts fast to give you immediate visibility into your data security, intuitive results in out-of-the-box dashboards, and greater deployed efficacy.

From discovery to monitoring to blocking, comprehensive data loss prevention capabilities help support compliance initiatives and protect against serious risk while guiding users on the next-best security step. SaaS and Managed Service deployment options help deliver results faster and give you the expertise you need.




fast deployment             

pre-built policies   cross platform   greater security efficacy   comprehensive capabilities


The Definitive Guide to 
Data Loss Prevention

Data Classification

Fortra’s Data Classification enhances data security by applying visual and metadata labels so you can best support DLP policies. AI engine recommendations help reduce business friction by guiding which label is best to apply, and employees receive real-world security training that drives visibility and engagement with data security practices across the organization.



Why Zero Trust Needs 
Data Classification to Work

Secure Collaboration

Fortra’s Secure Collaboration solution encrypts and controls access to sensitive files wherever they go. Taking a Zero Trust approach 
to file sharing, collaboration with anyone – external or internal – is always quick and secure, with the option to revoke access 
instantly at any time.​



Seven Key Use Cases 
for Secure Collaboration

Award-Winning Data Protection

2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner

In recognition for our enterprise data and protection, Cybersecurity Excellence named Fortra the 2023 winner for:

  • Data Classification
  • Data Leakage Protection
  • Data Security Platform
  • Data-Centric Security
  • Digital Rights Management

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