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Combine Data Loss Prevention and DRM to Enhance Data Security

The amount of data that companies are generating and its value to day-to-day business is growing exponentially. All that data is then stored and shared, both internally and externally, through all type of means. How can you ensure that sensitive data remains secure without burdening your end users?

Organizations need to consider how to implement simple and scalable security solutions for end-to-end data protection. A good place to start is data loss prevention (DLP) and digital rights management (DRM). DLP discovers, classifies, and enforces data protection policies for organizations’ most sensitive data assets. DRM allows you to secure share files externally and revoke access when needed.

Watch this webinar to discover the benefits of pairing DLP with DRM. You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement DLP and DRM programs that discover and enforce data protection policies for organizations’ most sensitive data assets
  • How you can identify data risks and automatically prevent data loss
  • Apply or invoke DRM to apply data protection wherever the data travels



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This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.