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Encryption and Rights Management for Every Application: Announcing IRM-as-a-Service

Posted on Monday February 28, 2022

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From the start, our mission at Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration was to build the trusted platform for securing and sharing any kind of business information. By taking a data-agnostic and storage-independent approach to information security, we’ve built a product that helps hundreds of thousands of people working on critical enterprise content work more confidently and safely.

Today, we're excited to announce that we’ve launched into the second stage of that journey with the introduction of our newest products, the Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration API and SDK. Through these tools, we’re giving our enterprise customers and developers access to our Information Rights Management (IRM) and data security platform as a service, empowering them to build encryption, tracking, policy enforcement, and access control into their applications.

By delivering IRM as a cloud-based service, we’re making it possible to protect any data, generated by any application, inside and outside of an organization. In the past, attaining this vision was very difficult, because IRM was designed as an add-on, an application- or file-specific implementation. Because data controls could only be applied to specific file types, in specific locations, and inside managed networks, it severely limited the value and adoption of legacy IRM tools.

Now, that’s all changed.

With our IRMaaS platform, businesses can operate more confidently and securely, backed by the knowledge that Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration is there, serving as the standard security fabric connecting users, devices, applications, and critical business properties. Delivered as both a client-based SDK for endpoint- and server-based applications and a REST API for access from any platform, Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration IRMaaS gives our customers the ability to add seamless, invisible security to sensitive information without impacting the process or employee productivity.

“It’s our job to ensure that our customers can protect any kind of information, within any application, anywhere it travels. And even more importantly, we need to make sure that working with that secure data is as simple and seamless inside any application.” – Ajay Arora, CEO.

Our customers and partners are already building some very compelling applications on top of this new platform. From server workflows that generate millions of PDF files for external consumption, to integrating Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration into custom engineering and design applications, they’re establishing our product as their de facto standard for protecting sensitive files, managing access to proprietary information, and tracking the flow of data across their organizations.

It’s IRM-as-a-Service, and we’re excited to have customers and partners like Skyhigh Networks and Dropbox weave our IRM and data security into a fabric connecting their entire ecosystem. The opportunity this creates is to expand access of strong, invisible data security across more kinds of information, making new use cases and business processes secure in the process.

This is a project we’ve been working on since before we launched Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration publicly early last year, and we intentionally built our own products on top of this same secure, scalable platform. I’m excited to invite you in to review the API, experiment with the SDK, and share your ideas for integrating security across your own applications.

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