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A New Dawn for DLP: Digital Guardian Releases its Analytics & Reporting Cloud (ARC)

by Dave Karp on Wednesday July 26, 2017

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Today is truly a new dawn for DLP and with it we shine a light on all threats targeting customers’ most sensitive information. As traditional DLP vendors remain focused on compliance and controlling the insider, Digital Guardian is evolving its technologies: both in the network and on the endpoint to enable a complete understanding of the threats that target data. With that, Digital Guardian is announcing the release of our new Analytics and Reporting Cloud (DG ARC).

DG ARC is the first data-centric solution to combine data protection, user awareness and threat detection and response. This unification protects sensitive data from careless or malicious insiders as well as external adversaries, which is unique during a time when other security vendors are often providing products that focus on one security challenge or another.

The data protection paradigm must evolve to incorporate a focus on understanding threats regardless of their source. Demand for data protection within the enterprise continues as does the variety of threats challenging today's IT security teams. This evolution requires enhanced visibility and advanced analytics to effectively determine what is a threat and deliver the flexible controls to respond appropriately, based on risk tolerance and business processes.

Customers require instant visibility into the threats exposing their data to compromise. The launch of DG ARC is intended to help fulfill DG’s promise of data protection regardless of threat type. It’s a component of DG’s Threat Aware Data Protection Platform and brings with it a capability to detect and contain advanced threats while presenting our traditional DLP capability in a whole new light.

DG ARC Investigation Dashboard

The concept of Threat Aware Data Protection is not new at DG, but it represents the nexus between two critical but unique forms of protection: data protection and threat detection and response. Through this convergence of technology and disciplines, Digital Guardian is positioned to disrupt the traditional data protection markets by introducing innovative approaches to solving and addressing challenges which were previously beyond the reach of both traditional data protection and threat focused security vendors.

However, it’s more than just the nexus between data and threat as the intersection between data, user, and system must be understood to drive to more effective means of understanding anomalies amongst them. To this end, we have developed and released a single product suite that can detect threats and stop data exfiltration from both malicious insider and external adversaries.

WannaCry Process Tree in DG ARC

Introducing DG ARC

According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2016 State of Endpoint Security, the average number of software agents installed on each endpoint has ranged from 5 in 2010 to more than 7 in 2015. Depending on your organization’s size and security requirements, this number can even exceed ten agents. This can be a large tax on system and computing resources for end-users, while causing “swivel chair” syndrome among infosec and/or SOC analysts as they try to use multiple point solutions, dashboards and tools for investigating incidents or high-fidelity alerts.

DG ARC revolutionizes this approach by combining DLP and TDR using a subscription-based cloud service. It offers advanced workflows, allowing for fast pivoting between disparate events to rapidly analyze activity. Patterns can be more quickly identified and risk can be more effectively measured by visualizing activity across the enterprise. Now, when a new pattern is identified, analysts can quickly search across their entire data set to reveal an understanding between what would have previously remained undetected and looking back in time, running through billions of events to see if they have occurred in the past.

DG ARC’s enhanced visibility and reporting delivers:

  • Improved visibility to maximize situational awareness across the enterprise.
  • Faster detection of malicious threats, which reduces the risk of compromise from repeated attacks.
  • Support for post-breach assessment to reduce dwell time, or the time between when an attack actually happens and when it is discovered.
  • Improved options for scalable, distributed processing and real-time workflows (compared to a data collection approach).
  • Sophisticated data analysis and security intelligence to guide security professionals to the events that matter most.

Come visit us at the Black Hat Security Conference at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 26 and 27 to see a live demonstration at Digital Guardian’s Booth, #308.

If you’re not joining us in Las Vegas and want to see DG ARC in action, please contact us to schedule a demo.

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