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Our Ongoing Investments to Make it Easier to Switch from Symantec DLP

by Bill Bradley on Friday September 29, 2023

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When Broadcom acquired Symantec in the fall of 2019, there were many questions in the market from their customer base. Many of them came to us asking for assistance in protecting their most critical data and reducing their vendor uncertainty.

We started with a program that helps Symantec customers migrate to Digital Guardian quickly. In 90 days or less we can deliver:

  • Broader endpoint OS coverage: Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Deeper data visiblity: system, user, and data event visibility, on or off the network
  • Superior IP protection: ranked #1 in IP protection by Gartner

From the initial transition planning session to full production deployment, our team will align your data protection and business goals to Digital Guardian’s data protection solutions. We have years of experience in helping companies of all sizes transition from Symantec endpoint and network DLP using our proven migration methodology.

In addition, our development team has added functionality to our platform specifically for customers switching from Symantec DLP. These include:

1.) Streamlined workflows from deeper integration between Digital Guardian and Active Directory: When a data protection policy alert is triggered, the employee’s manager should be included in the response chain. Digital Guardian now allows for a simpler alerting process by connecting the at-risk employee to the manager via Active Directory integration. Sending an email to their manager is simple process, ensuring all who should know about the potential data risk are informed without excess complexity.

2.) Enhanced evidence management capabilities: Forensic evidence is a critical piece of any investigation. But the files collected for the investigation often contain sensitive information. Creating a secure repository for those sensitive files ensures that the security professionals that need to view the file can, but those who don’t cannot. Digital Guardian now allows for secure and forensically sound file storage as part of the investigation process.

These recent additions are in addition to the core values that Digital Guardian has delivered to our customers as we solve some of the most complex data protection challenges.

1.) The most complete data classification solution: In addition to the traditional content-based inspection or manual user-based classification Digital Guardian has long been the leader in context-based classification. This ability to see, understand, and act upon the contextual criteria of a file (application used, transfer method, user, time of day, and over 200 others) allows Digital Guardian to start protecting your data on day one, without any policies.

2.) Protection on and off the network: Given the current remote worker trend, far fewer employees are in the office and behind the protective walls of the corporate network. Even with VPNs, the user must log in and connect before information security teams have visibility into data events. Digital Guardian delivers complete data protection, whether on or off the network, regardless of where the user is located. Our deep visibility lives on the endpoint and can protect valuable corporate data without gaps and without impacting the end user experience.

3.) Persistent tagging: Data classification is a critical element in any data protection scheme, there simply isn’t a way to protect everything equally. With a robust classification strategy, teams can better prioritize and respond to alerts. Digital Guardian’s ability to add file tags means that once the file is identified as sensitive, there is no need to rescan if an employee attempts to egress that file. In high traffic environments this means low overhead and data protection that runs at the speed of your business.

We’ve heard the confusion in the market from Broadcom/Symantec customers, let us remove that confusion for you.

Contact us for a certified Digital Guardian partner today to get expert guidance and a demo on switching from Symantec. Our Customer Success team can scope your migration and ensure a smooth transition to Digital Guardian Enterprise DLP. For more detailed information about our Symantec migration program, click here.

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