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Strong post-pandemic security rests on a robust RFP

August 31, 2021

Tim Bandos, CISO at Digital Guardian, discusses how businesses can approach a data security RFP that will protect a global remote workforce.

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Today’s data security RFP must measure what really matters

July 26, 2021

Tim Bandos, Digital Guardian's CISO, and Joe Devanesan comment on the struggle of ensuring data security and productivity for employees in a mostly remote workforce.

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Secret CSO: Tim Bandos, Digital Guardian

July 01, 2021

In an interview with IDG, Tim Bandos says the best trend in cyber security today is the notion of automating and integrating your security solutions through orchestration type software and available API’s.

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The building blocks to a mature security awareness program

May 05, 2021

Tim Bandos, CISO at Digital Guardian, addresses the top concerns when it comes to building a mature security awareness program, and how to address them. 

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Inside the Ransomware Economy

March 01, 2021

Tim Bandos, DG's CISO, says, "to understand the world of ransomware, it’s important to conceptualize it as an economy: Attackers deploy malware and demand a ransom to facilitate their business model."

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Digital Guardian’s Cloud-Hosted Platform Protects Sensitive Data as Companies Break Away from the Traditional Workplace

February 17, 2021

Digital Guardian has led the security industry in expanding its approach to DLP and adapting to the recently accelerated work-from-home trend.

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2021 Channel Chiefs Details: Troy Gabel

February 08, 2021

Troy Gabel, VP of North American Sales & Channel at Digital Guardian, was recognized for his work in CRN's 2021 list of Channel Chiefs.

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Data Privacy Day: Experts Weigh-in and Look Ahead - Series Part 1

January 28, 2021

Tim Bandos, DG's CISO, says that "taking a comprehensive approach while implementing cybersecurity controls is imperative" or in other words, a no-compromise data protection plan.

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34 Mass. companies named to national Top Places to Work list

January 27, 2021

Digital Guardian made the national list of 570 best places to work in the country and was one of only 34 Massachusetts companies on the list.

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Your Password Isn’t Safe: The Danger Of An Inactive ‘Zombie’ Account

January 23, 2021

Digital Guardian conducted a survey about password habits and found that 70% of consumers have over 10 password-protected online accounts, and 30% have “too many to count."

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