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The Thin Border Between Privacy and Security

Digital rights and privacy advocates are urging a court of appeals to require law enforcement agents at the U.S. border to obtain warrants when they want to search someone’s digital device.

How the FCC Is Working to Kill Robocalls

As difficult as it can be to believe, sometimes things actually get done in Washington. It’s not often, and many times the actual progress that does happen can go unnoticed because it’s hidden under layers of bureaucracy and mountains of government-speak. The FCC right now is on the verge of making a change that fits all of those descriptions but could make a significant difference for many consumers.

No Need for a Standing Order on Cyber Attacks

It has been two months since Donald Trump took office, and the president has been pretty busy. There has been quite a lot of signing and ordering and order signing and policy making. But what there has not been is much movement on the cybersecurity front.

Privacy Ends at the Border

For people who are interested in personal privacy and protecting their online lives, these are troubling times.