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Digital Guardian and Zscaler for securing the new network, the Internet

Digital Guardian DLP integrates with Zscaler's cloud security platform to guard against cyberattacks, prevent data leakage and allow safe enablement of cloud application.



As data becomes more critical to delivering enterprise value and customer value, the risk of abuse, via internal or external threats rises. Traditionally, enterprises address the data breach issue by adding yet another security appliance to the stack at each Internet gateway. This leads to excess complexity and gaps between dissimilar solutions.


Zscaler cloud security platform integrates with Digital Guardian DLP delivering the capability to deploy DLP as a part of a comprehensive, seamless security program. With the combined solution, InfoSec teams can conduct more effective analysis and reporting, execute other remediation actions required by company and regulatory policies, and as a result, better protect sensitive data from internal and external threats.


Zscaler™ enables organizations to securely transform to the world of cloud and mobility, where the Internet is the new enterprise network. Zscaler delivers the inbound and outbound gateway stacks as a service, providing secure access to the Internet and applications in the data center or cloud. Each day, the Zscaler cloud processes more than 30 billion requests, blocking 125 million threats for 5,000 organizations in 185 countries, and the ThreatLabZ research team provides continuous protection from new and evolving threats.