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Digital Guardian for Manufacturing


Why Threat Aware Data Protection For Manufacturing

All manufacturers must have a strategy in place to ensure the free flow of information across their global supply chains, while safeguarding that information from malicious insiders, nation states and cyber-criminals. Do not underestimate the capability and persistence of your adversaries. They are smart, nimble and more motivated than ever. They won’t stop until they reach their target—your IP. 

The most valuable IP for manufacturers is usually unstructured data, such as CAD files, source code, and formulas. The problem is, most data loss prevention solutions aren’t very good at recognizing or protecting this unstructured data.


Manufacturing Data Security Statistics

Key Challenges

Manufacturers must protect their data from a range of threats:

State Espionage

Insider Threats

Corporate Espionage

Third Party

State Espionage 

Well-funded attacks by foreign governments or hacker proxies seeking economic, political or military advantage.

Insider Threats

Data loss by current or former employees, whether by malice or mistake, via egress channels such as email, media, mobile and cloud storage.

Corporate Espionage 

Competitors stealing industrial secrets for market advantage, monetary gain or revenge.

Third Party Leaks

Trusted supply chain partners, suppliers, contractors and outsourcers leak data via backdoor access points.



Our threat aware data protection platform secures your sensitive assets against insider and outsider threats. 

Understand: What Data To Protect 

With its deepest visibility into data, user and system events, the Fortra™’s Digital Guardian® platform can identify and tag sensitive data in real-time even before you develop formal policies. We accurately identify both structured and unstructured data – like CAD files, source code, business processes and formulas – the most valuable IP for manufacturers. 

Understand: When Data Is At Risk 

Detecting when data needs to be protected means understanding risky user behavior, unauthorized system access, data movement or process violations. The Digital Guardian platform harnesses our deep visibility and real-time analytics to flag anomalous activity and provides high fidelity alerts. Our solution monitors enterprise data wherever it lives and wherever it is shared – across networks, storage, endpoints, or in the cloud – performing equally across Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems. 

Enforce And Educate: Flexible & Automated Controls

Digital Guardian employs flexible and automated controls to ensure that sensitive data does not leave your organization. Our context-based and behavior-based rules automatically prompt users or block insider and outsider threats in real-time. Illegal downloads or exfiltration can be blocked and contained before the data is gone. 

Share Data Securely Across Your Supply Chain 

Digital Guardian empowers your organization to share data securely across the enterprise and with all partners, contractors and suppliers while also preventing unauthorized data access. 

Comply With Key Regulatory Requirements

Digital Guardian provides a detailed audit trail to support demonstration of compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and other regulatory requirements.


Only Digital Guardian Protects Structured 
And Unstructured Data


  • Formulas 
  • Business processes 
  • Supplier contracts


  • Design specifications 
  • CAD drawings, Blueprints 
  • R&D Data 
  • Supplier contracts

Advanced Engineering 

  • Source code 
  • Designs 
  • R&D data 
  • Supplier contracts

Contract Manufacturers 

  • Customer IP 
  • Component lists 
  • Business processes 
  • Customer contracts

See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.