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Digital Guardian Network Appliance


Get your data protection program running quickly with the flexibility you need for comprehensive data protection. 

Digital Guardian Network DLP helps support compliance and reduce risks of data loss by monitoring and controlling the flow of sensitive data via the network, email or web. It is typically deployed in a matter of hours and does not require a dedicated resource once it is deployed. 

The Digital Guardian appliance serves as the center of the Network Data Loss Prevention solution, this high-performance platform delivers the power to protect your expanding data assets. Our network DLP appliances inspect all network traffic then enforce policies to ensure protection. Policy actions include: allow, prompt, block, encrypt, reroute, and quarantine.

Network Appliance Components


Key Benefits

Our appliance-based approach speeds deployment and reduces ongoing maintenance. The Network DLP appliance ships with pre-configured policies for common data types including PII, PHI, and PCI, and can be inserted into your existing infrastructure with minimal configuration. It’s typically deployed in a matter of hours. And it doesn’t require a dedicated resource once it’s deployed.

The multi-function appliance supports Digital Guardian Network Data Loss Prevention, Data Discovery and Cloud Data Protection, enabling organizations to run multiple solutions on a single appliance.

You can deploy and manage our network appliances on premise yourself, or let us manage it. With our Managed Security Program, you offload the configuration, ongoing management and analysis to Digital Guardian experts. We are your eyes on the screen identifying high risk events and providing reporting to gauge effectiveness of your data protection program.


Hardware Specification

Network Appliance Hardware Specs

See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.