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Extending Microsoft Purview Information Protection Through DLP

Data is what fuels business today. Whether your emphasis is regulated data such as PCI, PHI, PII, or intellectual property – it is one of your most valuable assets. The complex blend of high value assets on multiple platforms makes data protection one of the biggest challenges your organization may face – so how do you make it easy?

Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MIP) delivers a set of data protection solutions integrated into and focused upon the Microsoft environment, while Digital Guardian DLP extends that protection to the rest of the OSs, browsers, and applications you rely upon. When integrated, MIP and Digital Guardian work together to provide you with the best and most complete data protection for modern enterprises.

In this webinar, our experts discuss:

  • Why you need extended data protection beyond the Microsoft environment 
  • How to map MIP labeling to Digital Guardian DLP with ease
  • The benefits of comprehensive monitoring of MIP data usage events
  • The latest integration updates during a live demo



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This webinar was originally broadcast on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.