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Build a Culture of Cybersecurity Awareness In Your Company

Get this informational resource kit to learn how you can encourage and achieve a higher level of security awareness in your company.

What's Inside:

  • 35 Data Protection Tips
    How to keep passwords, financial & personal information safe
  • "Oversharing" Infographic
    Your biggest security risk could be you
  • "Don't Get Hooked" Infographic
    How to recognize and avoid phishing attacks

Plus three additional resources for more information on
personal security.

Data security is important on both a personal and corporate level. Sometimes, the decisions we make about our own privacy and communications can have an impact on the people and companies around us. As gathering, storing, and selling consumer information becomes commonplace, it is more important than ever to educate yourself and your fellow employees on proper security practices.

This kit provides a starting point for security awareness. It contains a list of 35 personal data protection tips designed to help you and your team develop better cyber hygiene. Then, take a deeper dive into the risks of email and social media with our 2 infographics.

Get Your Kit