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Don’t Believe the FUD from the DLP Wannabes: Digital Guardian Supports macOS

by Al Cooley on Monday November 4, 2019

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As the calendar flips to November, we wanted to take a moment to share how much we’re looking forward to sponsoring this year's Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC), taking place later this month, from Nov. 12-14, in Minneapolis.

This is our first year sponsoring Jamf Nation, the largest gathering of Apple IT administrators in the world. Since one of the conference’s main goals is to bring experts together to solve IT problems that impact organizations, we wanted to reiterate how Digital Guardian, since the beginning, has been devoted to delivering the highest level of data and intellectual property protection for Mac users in the enterprise. We're thrilled to support a community that’s eager to do the same.

Driven largely by executive and employee demand, Mac adoption continues to increase in the enterprise; nearly 100 percent of enterprise organizations now use Macs in their environments. In many scenarios, like for a senior executive or an engineering lead, some of company’s most sensitive data and IP resides on machines running macOS. It’s imperative that these machines receive the same level of protection as others in an organization.

That’s why Digital Guardian continues to deliver and expand its ability to provide consistent, comprehensive data protection, including discovery, classification, and data loss prevention on macOS. 

Unlike wannabe DLP vendors, Digital Guardian proactively prevents data theft incidents before they happen through a broad range of potential egress paths. Because of the visibility Digital Guardian provides, admins have the ability to see and stop these incidents in real time, before they lead to data loss, public disclosures, potential fines and the resulting brand damage.



While some of these vendors are convinced that DLP products will cease to work in the Mac environment going forward - this simply isn't the case.

We’re proud to support Apple's evolution of macOS, including its latest operating system, Catalina and its new security features.  We were also pleased when Apple publicly acknowledged the importance of endpoint security and data loss prevention on macOS with their WWDC 2019 announcement of new endpoint security APIs and system extensions that continue to enable companies like Digital Guardian to deliver their unique value.  

No matter what an organization's data protection needs on macOS Catalina are, whether it's protecting intellectual property, ensuring content visibility and classification, or preventing data theft via removable devices, Digital Guardian supports it. Early access to version 7.6 of the Digital Guardian Agent for macOS is available now for customers, with general availability scheduled for November 21, 2019.

Digital Guardian is proud and committed to work with Apple to evolve our monitoring and control techniques in parallel with Apple’s architecture changes to make sure we deliver the enterprise data protection required for Mojave, Catalina, and beyond. If you’re planning on attending JNUC 2019, drop by Booth #29 to see DG in action on macOS 10.15, Catalina.

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