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Digital Guardian Acquires Code Green Networks

by Nate Lord on Tuesday October 6, 2015

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Today we announced our acquisition of Code Green Networks, provider of data loss prevention solutions for the network, cloud, and mobile devices. Read on to learn more about Code Green Networks and the future for our next generation data protection platform.

The market for data loss prevention solutions has seen a major resurgence in the past few years – a trend that can without a doubt be attributed to the growing data breach problem and the millions of records exposed – not to mention dollars lost – as a result. As sensitive and valuable data remains the target in these attacks, security decision makers increasingly rely on the data visibility and contextual protection provided by DLP solutions. 451 Research summed this trend up nicely in a recent report covering DLP market trends:

“Data loss prevention (DLP) is back in vogue again. While compliance with data privacy regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX continue to drive DLP purchases, protection of sensitive financial data and valuable intellectual property has gained momentum in the wake of recent high-profile data breaches.”

The factors driving DLP adoption may vary on a case-by-case basis, but the bottom line is that the need for data loss prevention solutions by businesses of all sizes and verticals has never been higher.

With this in mind, we’re sharing some exciting news today: Digital Guardian has acquired Code Green Networks, provider of the TrueDLP family of solutions for network, cloud, and mobile data loss prevention. TrueDLP locates sensitive data residing on databases and network servers, including data in the cloud. Founded in 2004 in Sunnyvale, Calif., Code Green Networks helps enterprises protect and manage regulated and other sensitive digital information. TrueDLP is an all-in-one, appliance-based solution that has been heralded by industry analysts for its simplicity and affordability. The latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention touted TrueDLP’s “solution cost, ease of use, available features and time to implement.”

Code Green Networks has also developed a strong strategic partnership program by offering tightly integrated solutions with other IT security leaders, including Blue Coat Systems, which enables organizations to address their data security compliance requirements more efficiently and effectively.

This acquisition puts Digital Guardian one step closer on our mission to offer ubiquitous data protection: data security that is truly borderless and agnostic of threat source, device, application, or physical location. By integrating the TrueDLP family with the Digital Guardian platform, our core strengths in endpoint data loss prevention will be extended to the network and cloud, protecting valuable data from both insider threats and cyberattacks from the outside.

The combination of Digital Guardian and Code Green Networks will ultimately provide organizations with one data protection policy administered by a single management console and enforced regardless of where the data is located or how it is accessed. The combined solution will also provide:

  • Comprehensive data protection for the network, endpoint, cloud and mobile devices
  • Advanced data protection from threats originating inside or outside an organization
  • Data discovery for endpoints, network, servers and in the cloud
  • Context and fingerprint-based data classification for structured and unstructured data

In addition, the acquisition provides Digital Guardian with enhanced threat intelligence, deep packet inspection and wider visibility across the network, significantly strengthening its Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities.

TrueDLP is generally available today, and will continue to be sold as a separate solution until it is fully integrated into the Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform.

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