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Digital Guardian's Most Popular Resources of 2020

by Bill Bradley on Tuesday September 26, 2023

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What worked for us in 2020? We look back at the most popular eBooks, webinars, and reports from the past 12 months.

If the phrase “there are no problems, just opportunities” is to be believed, 2020 was a banner year for opportunities.

Here at Digital Guardian, we too felt the impact to our internal operations as well to our customers’ operations. Our customer base across cuts a broad swath of industries but they all have one thing in common: the need to protect sensitive data for a wholly remote based workforce. This workforce was thrown into that situation with limited training and preparation, being supported by information technology and information systems with limited infrastructure and protocols. Easy.

Despite the challenges, we embraced the change and found new ways to do our jobs, communicate with our prospects and customers as they adjusted their businesses, and generally keep business moving ahead.  

After all that, we looked back at what was important to you, the followers of DG, during 2020. If you're curious about what your peers were reading, below are Digital Guardian's most popular eBooks, webinars, and reports from the past 12 months.

1. Definitive Guide to DLP - eBook

This is it: The defintive guide to DLP. Have a question about DLP? Chances are it's answered in this document. We also break down how your organization can align DLP with company growth and innovation initiatives and provide a DLP managed service provider evaluation checklist.

2. Data Loss Prevention Market Quadrant - Analyst Report

If you're looking for the latest market quadrant for enterprise DLP, you'll find it right here. This report highlights the changing dynamics of the data loss prevention market, how the vendors stack up, and why Digital Guardian is at the forefront of the DLP market.

3. DG Data Trends - Research Report

The DG Data Trends Report, Digital Guardian's first-ever research report, takes a look at how classified data egress has skyrocketed in the post COVID-19 work from home environment. It also includes tips on how to protect data with a distributed workforce.

4. Security Audit Checklist

Are you ready for your next security audit? This checklist will help you gauge your readiness and identify areas you need to improve. This checklist covers the 12 most commonly asked questions; it can also provide guidance on your "audit readiness."

5. Digital Guardian Technical Overview - Whitepaper

A one-stop shop of all things Digital Guardian. Learn how our technology works to secure sensitive data regardless of the threat, how our cloud-delivered platform architecture works, and what your deployment options are.

6. How to Overcome Pitfalls in Data Classification Initiatives - Gartner Report

This Gartner report provides guidance on how to improve your organization's data classification initiatives as simply and efficiently as possible. Readers of this report can also learn the role that automation can play when it comes to expediting data classification.

7. SC Media Labs 2020 DLP Group Test - Report

Learn why Digital Guardian was rated a rated 5 out of 5 stars and called a "Best Buy" by SC Labs. This review highlights Digital Guardian's ability to identify, tag, and fingerprint sensitive data and the ability to stop data loss by both insiders and outsiders.

8. Definitive Guide to Data Classification - eBook

Data classification, ensuring that data - personally identifiable information, intellectual property, and so on - is organized, is an essential first step when it comes to securing your sensitive data. This report defines data classification, why its foundational to data protection, and how to go about classifying your data.

9. Using DLP to Inform Business Leaders - Webinar

Watch this resource, our first webinar on the list, to learn more about how DLP can solve some of your data protection challenges. There's three webinars in total here, including sessions on using DLP to educate and inform business leaders, how to conduct a comprehensive data loss incident investigation, and how exit interviews at companies can reaffirm the proper use of company-owned data.

10. Understanding & Protecting Data in a WFH World with 451 Research - Webinar

The last item on our list, also a webinar, can also help individuals learn more about data protection as it relates to securing a distributed workforce. With many employees still working from home, this webinar has lasting value. The session also provides tips on how to move from reactive to proactive data protection and how data classification can reduce security complexity.

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