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Podcast: The Benefits of Threat Hunting featuring Tim Bandos and Paul Roberts

by Shiva Kashalkar on Thursday December 15, 2022

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Tim Bandos and Paul Roberts sit down to discuss threat hunting in our latest podcast.

Threat hunting has emerged as a popular practice in information security. While many security professionals have been hunting threats for years, most security teams don't have a formal threat hunting program in place or are struggling to turn individual skillsets into a process that is scalable and repeatable.

So why should an organization bother to implement a threat hunting program and where should they start? Paul Roberts recently sat down with our director of cyber security Tim Bandos for a podcast on the subject. Watch below to hear Tim and Paul discuss the skills you need for threat hunting, how threat hunting has evolved, and the benefits threat hunting brings to threat intelligence and incident response efforts. You'll also get tips for threat hunting in large data sets and demonstrating the ROI of a threat hunting initiative.


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