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Fortra's Boldon James

Including the End User in Data Classification and Protection

Digital Guardian incorporates the full range of classification from fully automated to fully manual. User classification empowers data owners to self classify information based on business requirements.






Given the growing volume of data that you need to protect, understanding it dramatically simplifies your job by enabling you to focus on the data that matters. While automated classification provides a strong foundation, adding user input provides important additional context for the most accurate data visibility and organization.


Understanding where and how sensitive data is used drives more informed security decisions. Digital Guardian’s DLP leverages data classification to accurately enforce data protection policies. Adding user-based classification powered by Boldon James augments the context and content based classification embedded in the Digital Guardian platform.

Key Benefits of the Digital Guardian and Boldon James Solution:

• Increases overall accuracy of data classification and verifies automated classification
• Improves DLP by ensuring regulated and/or sensitive data is tagged properly
• Increases threat detection efficiency by including data sensitivity levels into alert prioritization
• Incorporates data owners and their knowledge into the information security program


Fortra's Boldon James is a market leader in data classification and secure messaging software, delivering confidence when it comes to controlling and protecting sensitive data. By involving your users in data classification, they will automatically become more data-aware, with a greater understanding of your policies and the value of your organization’s data.