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Watch a short demo to see Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration in action.

In this recorded demo, you’ll get an overview of the benefits and features Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration provides, including:

  • An introduction to the product and how it protects, tracks, and securely shares your data
  • The various methods of securing files with the product
  • How it works in real-time, even without a client

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If you want to see more, you can request a live custom demo with one of our representatives to discuss your specific requirements and a deeper dive into what Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration can do.

Wrap your data in encryption for data-centric security.

Rather than following the traditional, infrastructure-focused approach to data security, Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration wraps the data itself in protection, protecting any file type with AES 256-bit encryption that follows the data wherever it goes.

A data-centric approach to data security can minimize the fallout of a breach, give you more control over your data when it’s outside of your corporate network, and prevent breaches caused by human error.

Promote secure collaboration.

Using your organization’s existing distribution channels, our secure collaboration functionality gives users confidence that only the right people can view, alter, and share your sensitive data.

Our secure collaboration functionality grants users granular controls over sensitive data that only allow access to specified parties, even after the data has been shared and/or left your corporate network.

Make implementation and enrollment a breeze.

While traditional DRM tools often require a cumbersome enrolment process for external users, third parties, and sometimes even users within your organization, Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration can make the process far easier.

The product works with your existing security infrastructure and can secure any file type, works across multiple platforms, and works even when the recipient doesn’t have a product client in place.

Learn how Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration can help protect your data.

Meet with one of our experts to assess your needs, and we’ll walk you through our solution.