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Fortra Data Protection


Your business is not static, nor is the data that drives it. Whether it’s source code, sensitive patient information, or financial documents, data fuels businesses. That data is growing and changing by the moment and in a rapidly changing threat landscape, it’s at risk of being lost or stolen. 

In many ways, a business is only as viable as its data. In the face of mounting data breaches, evolving data privacy laws, and a hybrid workforce, it’s imperative for companies to keep track of their data and ensure its being kept safe without slowing the pace of their business or impeding productivity. 

Why Fortra

Fortra offers world-class infrastructure protection, data security, intelligence, and automation solutions. Over 30,000 loyal customers worldwide trust us to help them create a simpler, smarter, more powerful IT. Partner with us because of our: 

  • Commitment to Cybersecurity 
  • Exceptional Support 
  • Breadth of Solutions 
  • Vendor Stability


Fortra’s leading data protection offering delivers interlocking security for all cybersecurity maturity levels. Our modular solutions for data classification, data loss prevention, and secure collaboration combine to address your immediate needs and use cases, as well as advise your next best steps as your security program evolves. 

Data Classification 

Better understand your data with labels while enhancing data security and reducing business friction. 

Data Loss Prevention

Get immediate visibility into your data security and protect critical data and IP wherever it lives. 

Secure Collaboration

Take a zero trust approach to file sharing. Encrypt and control access to sensitive files wherever they go.

No matter where you are in your data protection journey, Fortra is here to help. Fortra’s Data Protection solutions can help organizations find, classify, and protect their most sensitive data and intellectual property. When it’s time to share that data, either internally or with third parties, Fortra can ensure its encrypted and controlled every step of the way. Available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and managed service, our solutions can help businesses reduce overhead costs with added simplicity and speed, without slowing the pace of their business. 

Fortra Data Protection solutions can help organizations with:


Using the most comprehensive data discovery, tagging and remediation on the market, Fortra can help identify the data you have, both structured or unstructured, across platforms, devices, and in the cloud.


By applying rich, actionable metadata to your sensitive data, Fortra can ensure its protected and controlled wherever it goes. Applying visual labels that identifies the sensitivity of the data across your organization, along with labels to file metadata, gives it context and helps ensure proper data handling, both by humans and other downstream solutions.


It’s difficult to protect what you can’t see. Get the most complete view of all of your organization’s data with enterprise-wide visibility. Monitor, log, and block threats to your data, wherever it resides. Fortra’s deep visibility enables service providers to demonstrate regulatory compliance through data movement reports and audit trails.


An effective data protection program needs to find a balance between how it controls data and educates users on the importance of sensitive data and IP. Fortra governs data without impacting productivity, warning a user if they’re about to violate a policy and outright blocking some behavior, like moving classified files.


Whether it’s with an auditor, a supply chain partner, or a customer, all organizations deal with sensitive data that at some point needs to be shared outside the company. Fortra enables organizations to encrypt that data and securely share it with third parties. Once shared externally, the data owner can still control who accesses it, track its use, or revoke access, wherever it’s sent.

Take the Next Step in Your Data Protection Journey 

Whether you’re looking to deploy data protection solutions for the first time or enhance your existing technology, we want to help.