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Managed Security Program Deliverables 
for Endpoint DLP


Program Overview

Data Loss Prevention is a proven way to protect your crown jewels such as your core intellectual property. But without specialized experts with the right experience, it can be difficult to uncover potential insider threats within your organization. 

Our Managed Security Program for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security analysts are trained and experienced professionals with the ability to sift through mounds of log data and identify when your most sensitive assets are at risk. We provide the People, Process, and Technology behind your Data Protection program so that you can focus on other important initiatives. Let us be the ‘Eyes on Glass’ and provide timely insight and alerting into anomalous & suspicious end user behavior.


What You Get

Security Experts Continuously Hunting 
For Insider Threats 

  • A dedicated security analyst is assigned to your account for custom requests and questions 
  • An entire analyst team is continuously hunting through your logs to identify any signs of potential insider threats

Monthly Executive Reports 

  • Total Data Egress by Source / Filetype 
  • Removable Data Egress by Source / Filetype 
  • NTU by Webmail Domain / Filetype 
  • Sendmail by Filetype 
  • Classified Data

Customized Rule Development and Optimization

  • Creation and maintenance of customized content and context classification rules 
  • Configuration of customized rules for event notification 
  • Creation of control rules specifically for advanced device control and other DLP use cases where a control/prompt is needed 
  • Creation and maintenance of customized application control rules by user, application version, file type classification, etc

Near Real-Time Alerting 

  • Analysts will triage alerts generated by your environment and notify you through SalesForce on any potential data theft activity

Advanced DLP Reporting Packs 

  • Enables customization of reporting and federation in your environment 
  • Your analyst team aligns and fine-tunes reporting packs to your environment

Weekly Non-Business Use Reports 

  • Reports designed to identify potential employee misconduct 
  • Reports include activities such as: 
    • Non-Business Use Activity - Movie Torrent 
    • Non-Business Use Activity - Inappropiate Content

Fast & Flexible Deployment 

  • With our industry first Managed Security Program for DLP, you can offload the configuration, management and analysis to Fortra™’s Digital Guardian® experts 
  • We identify high-risk events and provide detailed reporting to better gauge effectiveness of your program and/or help demonstrate compliance

Around the Clock Access and Support 

  • Access to your MSP support and administration team via web portal, email and phone (7/24/365) 
  • Unlimited access and users accounts for your companybranded Management Console and Secure Web Reporting

Notification of Cyber Threats 

  • Upgrade to our Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service to get: 
    • Notification of suspicious activity such as potential malware outbreaks & anomalous activity 
    • Ongoing threat intelligence for immediate detection based on known threat activity 
    • High-fidelity alerts that give you a summary of what’s been detected, including details such as entrance vector, root cause, endpoints affected

See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.