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Friday Five: 4/3 Edition

by Brandon Vasciannie on Monday September 28, 2015

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Your Weekly Roundup of information security news.

It’s Friday! Conclude your work week with our picks for this week’s hottest articles from the IT and security presses:

  1. 10 Facts About Cybersecurity and How They Impact You [Infographic]” by Kimberlee Morrison
    Cybersecurity has become a significant concern for businesses and customers alike. Hacking has become such a widespread issue that the FBI has initiated a most wanted list for cybercriminals. This article by Morrison features an infographic that highlights 10 key cybersecurity facts that the average person probably doesn’t know.
  2. 30% Of Companies Would Pay Ransoms To Cybercriminals” by Sara Peters
    It is most common for hackers to use their skills for financial gain. In a matter of fact, hackers have been compensated quite well for their criminal efforts. Based on a study conducted by ThreatTrack, 30% percent of the companies surveyed said they would be willing to negotiate with these cybercriminals in an effort to retrieve their stolen information. Read this article to learn more about companies’ negotiating habits
  3. FBI Warns U.S. Companies of Cyber Terror” by Bill Gertz
    Next week Israeli and Jewish web sites will be in the crosshairs as an operation known as #OpIsrael will attempt to carry out a series of cyberattacks. This operation is said to be coordinated by cyber terrorists from the Middle East and North Africa. As a result of this threat, the FBI has issued a warning to a select group of U.S. companies. Give this article a read to learn more.
  4. Good Cyber Security Can't Be Bought At Wal-Mart” by Sue Poremba
    Walmart has just about everything, but an effective cyber security program won’t be found on any of its shelves. Moreover, there are no stores that are able to offer this product. This is because the best cyber security programs include components that can’t be bought. In this article, Poremba explains how the most effective cyber security programs require the implementation of best practices, especially employee education.
  5. One man could have deleted every video on YouTube” by James Walker
    "It was fixed in several hours, Google rewarded me $5k and luckily no Bieber videos were harmed." This humorous statement came from researcher Kamil Hismatullin, explaining the outcome of a major flaw the YouTube API that had the potential to drop the YouTube video count to 0. Hismatullin was taking a look around Google services to spot issues when he discovered that the ability to delete every YouTube video ever uploaded was at his fingertips. Check out this article to find out more.

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