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Friday Five: 6/12 Edition (2015)

by Brandon Vasciannie on Wednesday August 11, 2021

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Your Weekly Roundup of information security news.

It’s Friday! See what’s been happening in the cybersecurity world with our picks for this week’s hottest articles from the IT and security presses:

  1. Kaspersky Finds New Nation-State Attack – In Its Own Network” by Kim Zetter
    The members of the infamous Stuxnet and Duqu gang strike again! Researchers at the Kaspersky Lab in Russia have recently discovered a new nation-state attack within the security firm’s own networks. Last year, the attackers likely used phishing methods to gain access to Kasperky’s systems to begin carrying out their attack. Also falling victim to this attack were a series of hotels and conference venues where the UN Security Council had held meetings. For more on this breach, check out this article.
  2. Europol and friends bust MiTM malware gang” by Doug Drinkwater
    On Tuesday, a joint international investigation was conducted which led to the arrests of members of a cyber-fraud gang residing in Italy, Spain, Poland, the UK, Belgium, and Georgia. A total of 49 suspected gang members were arrested, 58 properties were searched, and various electronic devices were captured. This gang is accused of stealing over $4 million from multiple organizations using social engineering and malware. Give this article a read to find out more.
  3. Hackers control medical pumps to administer fatal doses” by Charlie Osborne
    The concern over hacking medical devices continues as a researcher claims that the widely used drug pumps in the US contain severe security vulnerabilities, allowing hackers to administer fatal doses to patients. Hundreds of thousands of these devices known as “Hospira” pumps are in hospitals throughout the United States and there are currently no security patches in place. To learn more, read this article.
  4. Why the Firewall is Increasingly Irrelevant” by Asaf Cidon
    Since the 1980s, firewalls have been known as the cornerstone for companies to protect their network perimeters. Today, however, Firewalls alone are not enough to accommodate the security needs of organizations. In this article, Cidon explains why companies can’t get by with just firewalls and provides tips that will help your organization get the most out of the firewall that you have in place.
  5. Watch out for Acai Berry scams on Facebook” by Paul Ducklin
    Social media is a very popular place for cyber criminals to implement scams in an effort to gain access to your personal information. Using fake advertisements, phony accounts, and your friends' accounts that have already been compromised, attackers attempt to get you to take action and give up information. To learn about an Acai Berry scam that has plagued Facebook this week and some measures you can take to avoid falling victim to such a scam, read this article.

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