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Friday Five: 7/20 Edition

by Alex Page on Friday August 6, 2021

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A potential data breach at LapCorp, World Cup cyberattacks, and more -- catch up on the week's infosec news with this roundup!

1. Putin says Russia targeted by nearly 25M cyberattacks during World Cup by Robert Abel

After hosting the World Cup, Russia is dealing with the aftermath of around 25 million cyber-attacks. All these attacks were supposedly neutralized according to Russian President Vladimir Putin but it goes to show that cyber attacks are something to take seriously.  It's necessary to build up proper privacy and data protection policies to make sure that even the most sophisticated attacks are handled correctly. Russia said that most of these attacks were not sophisticated but with the scale of the World Cup coming to a country, it made sure to take full precautions on potential cybersecurity attacks.

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2. Oracle Launches Its Blockchain Cloud Service to GA by Chris Preimesberger

With blockchain technology becoming more widely accepted and respected, Oracle launched its online blockchain service this week after a year of developing the software. The cloud service allows companies to build blockchain networks to help make transactions and tracking goods through the supply chain easier and more secure. This service may be the first of its kind to allow its users to build their own networks. It also directly integrates with Oracle SaaS and other third-party applications to make usability quick and easy.

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3. LabCorp Investigates a Possible Data Breach by By Chris Morris

LabCorp is in the midst of investigating a potential security breach after noticing suspicious activity on its network last weekend. They have not yet discovered any threats or unauthorized use of data, but the breach could have put millions of patient’s health records at risk. According to this year's Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report the healthcare industry faces a larger threat from internal actors than external. LabCorp has yet to release any information about who they believe the attacker to be, or if they have any leads.

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The History of Data Breaches

4. Can Graphical Passwords Keep Us Secure Online? by By Robin Harris

Alphanumeric passwords may soon be a thing of the past. Humans are more naturally drawn to images than a confusing set of numbers, letters and symbols. The devices we use today are also much more optimized for graphical images with their large, high-resolution screens. Several factors of late have indicated that a graphical password may be much harder for someone to guess or crack than a traditional password. This could ultimately lead to safer, more secure devices, and accounts.

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5. Uber Just Hired Its First Chief Privacy Officer by By Natasha Bach

Several years removed from a nasty breach it paid to cover up, Uber's trying to demonstrate it has better protection over its user’s data. This week it hired a chief privacy officer and a data protection officer, the latter a role required under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Ruby Zefo and Simon Hania have been brought on to assist in Uber’s efforts to strengthen its privacy. After the 2016 data breach, Uber started to rebuild its privacy infrastructure with a few experts, however, the implementation of these two new officers should provide more structure to policies and procedures already in place.

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