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Friday Five: 8/26 Edition

by Nena Giandomenico on Friday October 14, 2016

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It's Friday! Catch up on the top infosec headlines with our weekly news roundup.

1. Singapore to Shut off Internet Access for Government Agencies by Roi Perez

In Singapore, public sector employees are going to have their internet access taken away while the government looks to prevent a data breach. It is much more difficult for a computer to be compromised if it is not connected to the internet. Many of these employees think that these are extreme regulations given that there has not been any hacks against the Singaporean government. These new regulations will come into full effect in May 2017. For more information about these upcoming regulations in Singapore, read the full article on SC Magazine.

2. Hackers Use vBulletin Flow to Break into 27M More Accounts by Michael Kan

There is a vulnerability in an internet forum software, vBulletin, which is allowing hackers to steal data from 27 million accounts. Hackers have stolen data from 35,000 websites which are mostly from Russia. 25 million of the accounts were from Russian language games, others were tied to several other online games. None of the websites that were affected used proper password storage for their users’ accounts. For more information about this hack, read the full article on Computer World.

3. Locky Targets Hospitals in Massive Wave of Ransomware Attacks by Tom Spring

A large Locky ransomware campaign was found this month that only targets the healthcare industry. Locky is infecting these targets via phishing attacks. Hospitals that are located in the United States are most affected, followed by Japan and Korea. Macro-based ransomware is a new idea to cybercriminals, who are spending more time on infecting systems to make a larger profit. For more information on the impact of Locky in the healthcare industry, read the full article on Threatpost.

4. Rio Olympics 2016: How Hackers are Still Using the Games to Scam Businesses by Alison DeNisco

Even though the Olympics are over, hackers are still using them as leverage to steal victims’ money and personal information. People who attended the Olympics are at risk of phishing and ransomware attacks. These hacks have been happening for a while; hacking attempts associated with the 2016 Olympics date back to early 2015. People should also look out for potential hacks related to the upcoming Paralympics. To learn more about these hacks, read the full article on Tech Republic.

5. French Submarine Firm Claims Economic Warfare After Massive Data Leak by Jai Vijayan

An Australian newspaper published 22,000 pages of information on a French submarine manufacturing company. The leaked information includes details about new submarines that are being built in India such as intelligence gathering information, navigation, stealth abilities, and more. A spokeswoman from the company believes that the leak is espionage that could affect its relationship with governments. For more information on this breach, read the full article on Dark Reading.

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