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Comprehensive DLP
for Rapid Deployment and Results


Protect Critical Data and IP Wherever it Lives

Today’s most successful businesses are digitizing virtually every aspect of their operation. That’s led to dramatic influx in data across the enterprise landscape and in turn, the value of sensitive data that’s collected, processed, stored, and needs to be protected by organizations.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a time-tested solution that ensures your organization’s most sensitive data is properly protected. These days, however, changing release schedules and evolving operating systems, applications, and browsers can cause legacy enterprise DLP solutions to be woefully inefficient. Organizations using software from DLP providers who spend too much time, effort, and budget troubleshooting, and not enough time delivering meaningful data protection, are doing themselves a disservice. New entrants touting “DLP-lite” and “next-generation DLP” as a solution to the inefficiencies of traditional DLP often gloss over the compromises inherent in “DLP-lite.” With lite- or no-agent architectures and little-to-no endpoint controls, what you gain from an “easy install” and lightweight endpoint agents, you lose opening your organization to an increased risk of data leakage and loss.

You need a better way to protect the data that matters most to your organization without the inefficiencies of traditional enterprise DLP or the data protection compromises of “DLP-lite.”


How We’re Different

Three pillars form the foundation of our more efficient, industry-leading data protection architecture.

Data Loss Prevention Solutions powered by AWS


Fast Deployment
and Results

Digital Guardian lets organizations see critical results quickly thanks to a series of out-ofthe-box dashboards and an integrated rapid start up. Powered by AWS, Digital Guardian available as a SaaS can help organizations reduce overhead and cost with added simplicity and speed – as well as reduced customer burden. Get immediate visibility to DLP actions and threats to sensitive data egress without having to allocate employees to maintaining complex infrastructure.

Cross-Platform Data Loss Prevention Solutions


Cross Platform

Get coverage for your hybrid environment, including your corporate network, traditional endpoints, and cloud applications running on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Employing an enterprise DLP solution that supports less than complete visibility across the three most popular operating systems and how data can be manipulated across them can leave big gaps in your data protection program.

Data Loss Prevention Solutions with Flexible Controls



With Digital Guardian, organizations can choose from a wide variety of controls based on the sensitivity level of a file to secure their valuable data, including the ability to protect, monitor and outright block actions. Often, “DLP-lite” solutions will tell you that sensitive data has been compromised, but only after the data has been exfiltrated. By guiding users to the right security step, and giving soft and hard limits on allowed data actions, organizations can educate users while guarding against serious risk. Pre-built policies can also help support compliance efforts while ensuring sensitive data doesn’t get out in the first place, no matter how it is modified or where it goes.


The Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform

Digital Guardian’s Data Protection platform is unique among DLP solutions in its ability to support both a “top-down,” use case-based approach (focused on known data types or user groups) or a “bottom-up,” data risk discovery approach. Our “bottom-up” approach enables you to gain visibility even before you create policies by showing you where sensitive data is located, how it flows in the organization, and where it is put at risk.


              See it in Action



Endpoint Agent

Delivers the deepest visibility available on the market. Our agent captures and records all system, user, and data events   
– on or off the network.

  • Noninvasive, context-aware protection
  • Automatically blocks and controls only those behaviors that pose a threat
  • Monitors structured and unstructured data, applications, and data movement
  • Applies policies based on user role and usage rights
  • Case and incident management made easy –communicate, collaborate, and aggregate
  • Right click response - real-time updates and controls


Analytics & Reporting Cloud (ARC)

Provides fast and intuitive visibility to DLP actions, analytics, workflows, and reporting. Running on Amazon AWS, ARC correlates and analyzes system, user, and data events from endpoint agents and network appliance to provide the visibility and context you need to identify and remediate insider and outsider threats.

  • Behavioral-based rules and contextual intelligence deliver a complete view of risks to sensitive data, whether human or business process driven
  • Visual presentation of Digital Guardian’s data usage insights
  • Modern, SaaS UI – click, drag, drop, pivot, filter


Network Appliance

Protects data at rest and in motion with low overhead. Our physical and virtual appliances classify, monitor, and control sensitive data across your networks, storage repositories, databases, and cloud applications like Office 365.

  • Web and Email network DLP - single deployment or global distribution
  • Discovery - locate, classify, and remediate sensitive data
  • Inspection includes keywords, regular expressions, dictionaries, file metadata (type, size, name), and file category


Management Console

Enables configuring and deploying agents, managing policies, alerts, and reports.


Technology Partners and Integrations

Digital Guardian has developed custom applications and leverages APIs to integrate with the products you already own. Technology and partnership integrations include:

Technology Partners



Greater Deployed Efficacy

Digital Guardian’s Managed Services team can help deliver instant expertise and best practices, all customized to your data protection environment. Our security experts administer, run, and oversee your data security platform, acting as an added layer of support for your existing security team. While the lack of trained cybersecurity staff can pose a challenge to adopting data protection solutions, relying on our Managed Services team gives you a way to ensure threats to your sensitive data are stopped before it’s lost.

Fortra’s Digital Guardian starts up quickly and gives organizations immediate visibility into their data security, making it easier to see and block all threats to sensitive information. Available as a SaaS or managed service deployment, our Data Protection Platform performs across the corporate network, endpoints, and cloud applications to stop data theft. For 20 years, we’ve helped data-rich enterprises protect their most sensitive data and intellectual property without slowing the pace of their business.


Managed Security Program for Endpoint DLP

Our team takes care of hosting, setup, ongoing monitoring, analyzing, tuning, and maintenance of your endpoint DLP program.

What You Get

  • Fully Managed DLP Infrastructure
  • Automated Data Discovery and Classification
  • Full Data Visibility and Control
  • Incident Escalation
  • Ongoing Improvement of Your Security Posture

Managed Security Program for Detection & Response

Our team of experts use the latest defense strategies and intelligence to hunt, detect, and respond to attacks in real-time.

What You Get

  • Current State Gap Analysis
  • EDR Policy Development, Maintenance & Updating
  • Proven Cyber Experts with “Eyes on Glass” at Your Service
  • Ongoing Threat Intelligence
  • Cyber Threat Advanced Alerting and Reporting

Managed Security Program for Midsized Companies 

The essential use cases in a package that delivers our award-winning managed service at an affordable price.

What You Get

  • Endpoint Data Protection and Data Discovery
  • Cloud-Delivered Platform
  • Managed Data Protection
  • Sustainable Protection in Record Time
  • Ongoing Improvement of Your Security Posture
Data in Motion





Industry-Leading DLP

Digital Guardian is regularly named a Forward Mover and Top Player in Market Quadrant for Enterprise DLP reports.

DLP Market Quadrant

See how Digital Guardian can protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical assets.