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Why Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration?

Get worry-free collaboration by tracking intellectual property and sensitive data wherever it travels.


Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration attaches powerful encryption, security, and policy directly to the data itself, giving you granular control over your data, no matter where it goes.

Our solution provides zero trust file security, meaning no person or device should be granted access to systems, data, or files unless it is deemed necessary. Users can confidently collaborate with even highly-confidential data with the knowledge that their data can only be accessed by the parties they have designated. The platform allows you to collaborate securely while maintaining the seamless user experience that highly productive users demand, ensuring easy adoption for end users – no software installation required, and no significant workflow changes or training necessary.

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Data Security Integration

How is Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration different from other tools?

Most secure collaboration tools require a cumbersome enrollment process for external users and third parties. Our secure collaboration solution works seamlessly whether recipients have the software client in place or not. Our SaaS platform secures any file type, provides a seamless end-user experience, and gives admins complete control of their information anywhere the file travels. ​

Documents are encrypted even after download for control both inside and outside your environment. This means you and your users can instantly revoke access to sensitive data at any time – the "undo button" for data mistakes.

Files and Capabilities of Digital Guardian Secure Collaboration
  • Protect any file type, on any device with AES 256-bit encryption​
  • Seamlessly integrates into cloud storage platforms without impacting the user experience​
  • Automatically secure data uploaded into specific cloud storage folders, or protect your entire account​
  • Track where files are opened in real-time, even if they’re downloaded, copied, or moved into an untrusted sharing service​
  • Dynamically change permissions and access to your data, regardless of where or how it’s shared​
  • Instantly revoke access from any user, device, or organization​​
  • Seamlessly map complex permissions to cloud security groups

Pokémon + Defensible Audit

Media and entertainment rely on high levels of collaboration with third parties to bring new content to market and evolve existing products. The strategy of the information security team at Pokémon is to act as business enablers first and security professionals second. Rather than trying to lock down data, or restrict the ways that teams collaborate, they needed a data security solution that made employee’s lives easier and enabled them to do their job more effectively. Pokémon leveraged secure collaboration to secure intellectual property and personal information across supply chains without slowing down workflows.



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