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Catch Dan Geer Live Next Week

by Nate Lord on Friday September 29, 2023

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Security Legend Joins Digital Guardian for Webinar on Roadblocks to Security Success

Fresh off of a Black Hat keynote that's still echoing throughout the industry, Dan Geer will be joining us live this Wednesday, September 24 to present "The 5 Myths Holding Your Security Program Back." Dan will address some of the most common pain points heard from decades working in the field and advise on how security teams can get past these roadblocks to get started in proactive data protection.

If you're familiar with Dan Geer (and you should be) this is a don't-miss event. Dan's earned a reputation as one of the industry's most visionary and insightful speakers over the years, covering topics ranging from the economics of security to government policy and all things in between. I think Josh Corman's introduction of Dan at last year's SOURCE Boston keynote said it best:

The way I like to describe Dan Geer to newer folks who haven't heard him speak is that he has the most intellectual potency per syllable of any human on the planet.

Download the ebook here 

Image via Black Hat USA and Dennis Fisher.

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